Lyme Disease – Symptoms and Home Remedies

The deer tick bite can cause a bacterial and infectious disease called Lyme disease. It is a widespread infectious disease and it is commonly found in the Americas and in Europe. Every day, over 10,000 new cases emerge. The symptoms appear immediately after you have been bitten by the bug. So, in most of the cases, there will be a rash forming over the bite and it will be accompanied by inflammation and pain. At the same time, you will feel symptoms like general fatigue, joint and muscle aches and various other flu-like symptoms. You can treat the disease with antibiotics. However, if it’s left untreated, it can affect the muscles, the heart and the central nervous system. You can immediately get relief from Lyme disease by following these home remedies.

Lyme Disease – Symptoms and Home Remedies

Antimicrobial Plants

The bacteria and microbial infections in our bodies can be treated with a host of herbs. When it comes to Lyme disease, this can be treated with clove, samento, oregano and guaiacum. All these herbs have anti-spirochete properties and they can immediately stop the spread of bacteria. Use an ointment containing one or more of these herbs and apply it on the affected area. At the same time, you can include these herbs in your dishes to benefit from their properties.


In Lyme disease, mushrooms are used to diminish the inflammation. This is a big problem caused by this disease and the inflammation occurs both inside the body and outside, on the site of the bite. Consume mushrooms and, at the same time, reduce the gluten-based and the dairy products. Besides mushrooms, don’t forget to consume lean foods packed with proteins: fish oil, fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables.

Vitamin C

Your immune system can be strongly affected by the Lyme disease. As a result, you need to offer it a boost so as to help it stop the bacterial infection. If you suffer from Lyme disease, you must consume high quantities of vitamin C and you must take it from sources like elderberry, olive leaf and astragalus. These will not only strengthen your immune system, but will also kill the bacteria.


This remedy is important because it helps you eliminate the toxins from the body. The bacteria associated with Lyme disease release various neurotoxins in your organism. Thus, to prevent them from spreading throughout the body and from causing more infections, you must immediately flush them out. Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water daily and make sure you include fibers in your diet. This way, you will be able to detoxify your body.

Fight Infections

As mentioned before, Lyme disease affects the immune system, leading to the apparition of various infections. Most Lyme disease patients develop herpes, for example. In order to combat all these infections, you can use cat’s claw and olive leaf. These herbs will combat the herpes virus. Another powerful antibacterial and antiviral vegetable that you can use is the garlic. Consume one or two garlic cloves on a daily basis to stop the infection from spreading throughout the body.

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