Keratosis Pilaris – Symptoms and Home Remedies

Keratosis pilaris are the small bumps that appear on the surface of the skin and they are also known as chicken skin. They look similar to acne and they are more common on the cheeks, the buttocks, the legs and the upper arms. The bumps can be red or white and they can be dry, rough or itchy. This skin condition will usually disappear by the time you get to 30. 

Sour Cream

Sour Cream

Keratosis pilaris is caused by too much keratin protein amounts in the skin. The reason for this is unknown. This condition doesn’t have a specific treatment, but you can use simple home remedies to help you deal with it.

Sour Cream

This remedy might seem weird, but sour cream is rich in lactic acid, a compound that exfoliates the skin and will help you get rid of the keratin buildup. In return, it leaves a soft and moisturized skin. Mix some sour cream (2 teaspoons) with brown or white sugar (1 teaspoon). Apply the mixture on the affectes areas and scrub gently using circular motions. Let it cure for a couple of minutes and after that you can rinse it off. Repeat this remedy 2 or 3 times weekly to get the wanted results.

Vitamin E Oil

Keratosis pilaris can also be treated with vitamin E oil, as this product will retain moisture and smooth the bumps. Moreover, vitamin E is going to promote the health of the skin and the skin repair. Use vitamin E oil or vitamin E capsules and apply the oil on the affected areas. Make sure the skin is slightly wet. Repeat the remedy 1 or 2 times daily. You can also mix 2 tablespoons of vitamin E oil in your bath water and take a 30-minute bath. Do this thrice a week.

Olive Oil

When it comes to skin conditions, olive oil is the perfect remedy. It contains vitamin E and it moisturizes the skin and you can mix it with honey and sugar to prepare a healthy scrub. Apply the simple extra-virgin oil on the skin and do this regularly to obtain the best results.  Otherwise, you can mix honey (1 teaspoon) with extra-virgin oilve oil (2 tablespoons) and sugar (2 tablespoons). Rub this scrub on your skin 2 times per week.

Sea Salt

Exfoliating your skin is really important for this condition, so the sea salt can be a great ally for you in this case. This product softens the skin and unclogs the pores. At the same time, the sea salt contains minerals that will absorb the toxins and promote skin health. Mix sea salt (1 cup) with grapefruit essential oil (1 tablespoon) and almond oil (1/2 cup). Stir well and then apply the mixture on your wet skin. Scrub gently and then wash it off with warm water. Apply a moisturizing lotion after that. Repeat the treatment 2 times per week for better results.

There are various other products that can be used to get rid of the keratosis pilaris. These are: fish oil, epsom salt, oatmeal, baking soda, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

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