Keep the Meniere’s Disease Under Control

Meniere’s disease is a condition that causes the loss of balance because it’s affecting the inner ear. Besides the loss of balance, other symptoms are the hearing loss and the tinnitus (the ringing in the ears). There are various levels of Meniere’s diseases and the symptoms are unpredictable, appearing out of the sudden. The mild cases manifest as dizziness or vertigo, while the severe cases can lead to permanent imbalance and completely deafness. Meniere’s disease cannot be cured, but there are treatments that can alleviate or reduce its symptoms. There are also various home remedies that will help you manage or prevent the disease.

Keep the Meniere’s Disease Under Control


The excessive amounts of fluids in the inner ear are the ones that cause Meniere’s disease. Still, it can also be triggered by bacteria, pathogens or a virus in your body. As a result, you must drink large amounts of water and other fluids so as to keep your body hydrated and eliminate the excess salts. Through urination, water will also help you eliminate the toxins and will reduce your chances of developing Meniere’s disease.

Balance Between Proteins and Carbs

Meniere’s disease cans also be managed by controlling your insulin and blood pressure levels. Thus, you have to maintain a balance between the proteins and carbs you’re consuming. The carbohydrates you ingest are easily broke down into sugars and they will increase the insulin levels in the bloodstream. By consuming enough proteins, the body will release the glucagon and thus, it will be able to regulate the insulin amount. So, by maintaining a balanced diet, you can prevent the Meniere’s disease.

Consume Smaller Amounts of Sodium

When it comes to Meniere’s disease, the doctors always recommend making the shift to a low-sodium diet. Too much salt in your organism will lead to inflammation and this can be the cause for the apparition of the Meniere’s attacks. You can reduce the inflammation and the fluid retention by reducing your salt intake to the minimum.

Stay Away from the Inflammatory Foods

If you have noticed that there are foods that cause irritation or inflammation in the body or that affect your digestive system, then you should avoid those products at all costs. The same applies to the allergenic substances. The inflammation caused by these foods can trigger a Meniere’s attack. Thus, you should stick to mild foods.

Eliminate Nicotine and Caffeine

Nicotine and caffeine are stimulating substances that can boost the Meniere’s disease symptoms. Both compounds can make the tinnitus louder or the vertigo more severe or they can make the hearing loss more powerful and prolonged. If possible, avoid these substances entirely.

Don’t Use Salt and Sugar Substitutes

Most of the Meniere’s disease symptoms can be activated by sugar and salt substitutes. The food products in the supermarkets contain these substances, so it’s quite difficult to avoid them. However, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet by consuming only natural and unprocessed foods. This way, you will also be able to prevent the unexpected Meniere’s attacks.

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