Invincible Homemade Elixir for Good Health

For this natural medicine we have chosen the best ingredients to boost immunity and body vigor. For this reason, we recommend it in the cold season, to overcome the usual health problems.

Invincible Homemade Elixir for Good Health

Immunostimulatory Elixir – Recipe


– 100 ml propolis tincture

– 100 g raw pollen

– Honey

– 100 ml Seabuckthorn oil or Seabuckthorn juice

– 100 ml echinacea tincture


To prepare this elixir, you will need a large jar where you will put the first 4 ingredients and mix well, using a wooden spoon. At the end, pour the honey until you fill the jar and mix once more until the solution is homogeneous. Put the lid, close it tightly and let it soak for 4 – 7 days in a cold place such as the refrigerator. During this time, stir the jar 2 times per day. If you have oregano essential oil, you can also add a few drops for this recipe. This way, you will obtain an invincible medicine for diseases.

After the maceration extract is ready, you can start the treatment. Take 1 teaspoon every morning, on an empty stomach.

Effects and Benefits

Besides the immunstimulatory effect that all these ingredients have, this elixir is a tonic for the entire body and an excellent energy product for those affected by fatigue, weakness or predisposition to diseases and infections.

Echinacea is the first plant recommended by the researchers for boosting the immunity. The ancient American Indians used it to treat infections, wounds and respiratory disorders. Thanks to the studies conducted in the 1900s, echinacea has become an official medicine for immunity, cold and flu, respiratory infections and renal and urinary infections. Echinacea is recommended for:

– Cold and influenza viruses

– Arthritis

– Acute and chronic bronchitis (adults and children)

– Benign and malignant tumors

– Sinusitis

– Vaginal candidiasis and vaginal herpes

– Otitis

– Bacterial infections

– Respiratory allergies

– Bacterial infections

– Cystitis, nephritis and pyelonephritis

Propolis is a complex medicine produced by the bees. It has a wide array of health benefits: treats skin disorders (plagues, burns and mycosis), respiratory viruses, ear infections, periodontitis, oral thrush, peptic ulcer, liver conditions, infections and cancer.

Raw pollen is a natural multivitamin that also has a mineralizing effect thanks to the richness of nutrients. It mostly helps with restoring the intestinal flora, reducing cholesterol, strengthening the brain and muscles (including the cardiac muscles), preventing cardiovascular diseases, treating liver diseases, osteoporosis and cancer, promoting weight loss, treating anemia and mineral and vitamin deficiencies and increasing the body’s resistance against diseases.

Seabuckthorn is another exceptional natural medicine. It has antibiotic and remineralizing properties. It is recommended for those who have weak immunity and an increased sensibility to infections and colds. The seabuckthorn products are helpful for all types of hepatitis (including cirrhosis), the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia, rickets, anemia, spleen diseases, internal bleeding, depression, anxiety, diarrhea, dysentery, dermatoses, sterility in women and men and premature aging.

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