How to Treat Vitiligo at Home

Did you recently observe the presence of white stains on the surface of your skin? Do they seem to grow in size? Then, you might be a suffering from Vitiligo – an unusual skin affection.

Vitiligo is an auto-immune skin condition characterized by the occurrence of various sized white spots on your skin. Their occurrence is due to the loss of melanin, which is the natural dye that grants the color of our skin and hair.

vitiligo treatment

What Triggers this Skin Affection?

At the moment, it has not been yet established the definite causes that trigger the appearance of this disturbing skin affection. It is supposed that the diminished production of melanocytes, the pigmentation cells, happens as a result of an immune disorder or oxidative stress. However, among other suppositions, it is assumed that a certain element triggering this condition could be excessive sun exposure.

How to Treat Vitiligo

The first thing you ought to do if you think you are suffering from this skin condition is to schedule a visit to a dermatologist. According to your symptoms, a specialist will be able to determine a diagnosis to your affections. Based on their seriousness, various types of medications are available.

Nonetheless, be it the case you are not willing to take synthetic treatments, there are other options of the alternative medicine which you may consider giving a try to. Bear in mind that these remedies, just as other antibiotics, will not eradicate the symptoms entirely, but they’ll aim at softening the discolorations and reducing the spot occurrence.

How to Treat Vitiligo at Home

  • Turmeric and Mustard Oil

This homemade remedy is considered to be utterly effective in treating this skin condition. The properties to its components: turmeric powder and mustard oil function as natural antioxidants, aiming at visibly diminishing the spread of the spots. Follow the next steps in order to prepare yourself this remedy at home:

  • Combine 5 tsp of turmeric powder with 250 ml mustard oil;
  • Stir until you obtain a homogenous mixture;
  • Apply the paste on the affected skin areas and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Wash your skin thoroughly.
  • Consider repeating the procedure twice a day for 20 days’ time. You will undoubtedly observe the beneficial effects on your skin.
  • Conceal Vitiligo by Wearing Cover-Ups

You may also consider concealing your skin condition by wearing cover-ups. There are certain cosmetic products that are created especially for this purpose, so try finding one according to your needs and preferences and you might be surprised how effective it can turn out to be.

  • Use Proper Sunscreen

As I mentioned before, excessive sun exposure often triggers the occurrence of this unaesthetic skin condition. So, in order to prevent it from worsening, do take into account limiting the time you spend in the sun, while at the same time taking precaution measures such as: wearing effective sunscreen, hats and long sleeves.

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