How to Prepare Your Own Homemade Natural Deodorant

Many people claim that coconut oil can be successfully used against the unpleasant perspiration smell, as an alternative to commerce deodorants containing aluminum and other detrimental substances for our health.

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, coconut oil aims at killing the bacteria producing the disturbing smell of perspiration. Additionally, this ingredient nurtures and hydrates your skin profoundly, while at the same time having a similar texture to deodorants you may find in commerce. You may purchase it from natural food stores.

homemade natural deodorant

Natural Deodorant – Recipe

The quantity of ingredients for preparing this homemade deodorant will provide you with everyday use for three months’ time. Keep in mind that this deodorant doesn’t prevent your pores from breathing accordingly in order to deter perspiration – a natural process which aims at eliminating the toxins out of your skin, but significantly reduces the repelling smell.


  • 6-7 tbsp coconut oil
  • 60 g baking soda
  • 60 g corn starch or arrowroot powder


The coconut oil ought to be solid (kept at low temperature).

The arrowroot powder can be bought from natural food shops or online. Arrowroot powder is normally used to replace flour, or in order to thicken the texture of certain sauces, puddings, cakes, biscuits, jelly. The final product is transparent.

In comparison with starch, the arrowroot powder thickens at lower temperatures than starch. It consists of calcium, fiber, potassium and is tasteless. If you plan on using it in preparing warm sauces, make sure to dissolve the arrowroot powder first in cold water. After it’s thickened, you may incorporate it in the warm sauce.

For preparing the deodorant, mix the baking soda with the corn starch or the arrowroot powder. These two ingredients ought to be used in equal quantities.

Add coconut oil while stirring continuously, or while using a blender in order to homogenize the ingredients altogether. You have to obtain a firm but malleable mixture, similar to commerce deodorants – solid, but flexible enough to apply it on your skin.

If it’s too creamy, add more baking soda or arrowroot powder in order to thicken it.

Keep the obtained mixture in a plastic jar, well closed, in the fridge, to maintain it in solid state. Coconut oil melts at high temperatures. Use your fingers in order to apply it under your armpits after a thorough wash.

For an easier use, place the composition in an old deodorant recipient, and apply it normally.

Bear in mind that a healthy diet can significantly reduce the disturbing perspiration smell. Consume significant servings of fruit and vegetables and hydrate yourself correspondingly.

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