Horsetail Strengthens the Blood Vessels and Prevents the Narrowing of the Arteries

Horsetail is commonly used in holistic medicine, as it has numerous health benefits. It is a gift sent from heaven, being an excellent treatment for a broad range of diseases. This omnipotent plant combats premature aging, having remarkable beneficial effects on the health of the bones and blood vessels.

horsetail for blood vessels

This plant has been used for an extensive range of medicinal purposes ever since a highly acknowledged Greek doctor and surgeon – Galen – has uncovered its incredible power. From this point, numerous health systems around the world have embraced horsetail, recommending it for various diseases, just to name a few – arthritis, bladder and renal affections, ulcer, and tuberculosis.

Horsetail – An Excellent Source of Organic Silicon

The astounding healing action of this plant is granted by its high levels of organic silicon, together with other precious minerals. Additionally, other diuretic, anti-tumor and anti-hemorrhagic properties should be noted. According to a recent clinical study, developed and published in 2010, horsetail tincture accounts for an excellent natural antioxidant as well.

With aging, the level of silicon in the body typically diminishes, which further leads to an array of health problems. As previously outlined, horsetail is an incredible source of natural silicon. Thanks to this valuable mineral, horsetail plays a primordial role in preventing and treating atherosclerosis and multiple sclerosis. When a patient suffers from this disease, the blood vessels are the ones that are affected the most. The arteries are narrowed and lose their elasticity.

That’s why, for patients who wish to combat this disease the natural way, following a diet with horsetail is highly recommended. In this situation, it is best to opt for horsetail powder. Specialists outline that this is the best form of administration.

Incredible Diuretic Action

Additionally, the benefits horsetail carries don’t end here. This plant prevents the oxidation of the cholesterol and its depositing on the walls of the arteries. This way, we could wholeheartedly affirm that horsetail prevents the formation of plaque, and the blockage of the blood vessels.

Furthermore, horsetail is used as an astringent herb, due to its diuretic action. As mentioned above, it is a plant that treats the infections of the urinary tract as well. In this direction, it’s the ideal natural remedy for soothing inflammation, ulcers, cystitis, and other infections. Plus, the plant is an excellent treatment for patients suffering from a benign enlargement of the prostate gland. Additionally, horsetail is useful for a fast removal of kidney stones.

Administering Indications

For obtaining horsetail powder, merely mince the dried plant using a coffee grinder. Specialists recommend patients to administer one teaspoon of the powder, two times a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening. You should hold the remedy under your tongue for about 10 minutes; afterward, you should rinse your mouth with plenty of water.

The ideal duration of a typical horsetail treatment is 30 days; afterward, you should have a break of another 30 days.

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