Horsetail Infusion Can Help Preserve Bone Strength and Other Youthful Qualities until Old Age

Horsetail is considered to be a miracle plant, both by traditional medicine, and modern researchers. Its youth-preserving effects are mostly due to its high amount of silicon and its powerful antioxidant properties.


Studies back up this traditional cure

Serbian researchers from the Oncologycal Institute of Vojvodina – The Department of Experimental Oncology – proved in tests that horsetail extracts have notable antiproliferative and antioxidant effects.

The evidence gathered in the last 30 years of scientific research confirm the fact that silicon plays an extremely important part in the health of conjunctive tissues and bones. Silicon helps bone formation and the maintenance of bone mineral density and reduces joint stiffness as well. This is due to it favoring collagen production, a key nutrient for tissues and articulations.

Older people can notice improved joint mobility after consuming a cup of horsetail tea daily. This cure does not only reduce articular pain, but also rheumatic pain, helping the body find relief from typical old age conditions.

Studies have shown that horsetail silicon accelerates the welding process of fractured bones and that extracts can help with bone regeneration.

Silicon can also be found in other natural foods, some of these being barley, oat, brown rice and whole wheat. Almost 50% of the silicon content can be found in the exterior layer. Silicon can also be found in beans, spinach, nuts and dried fruits.

Besides silicon, horsetail also contains calcium and magnesium salts. These two essential minerals have various benefits on the body. Calcium is crucial in ensuring bone strength and the proper functioning of the heart, muscles and nerves. Magnesium is important for heart health, ensuring proper blood pressure. It also increases overall energy, helps against sleep problems, calms the brain and fights osteoporosis, among others.

It is important to know that horsetail infusion is extremely easy to make – this healthy potion can be obtained by anyone in just a few steps.

Recipe for horsetail infusion


  • 200 g horsetail
  • 200 ml ethanol (60 degrees)


The procedure is straightforward. By macerating the horsetail, it becomes easier to be absorbed by the body.

Cut the fresh plant in fine pieces and place them in a glass jar. Pour the alcohol over it, seal the jar tightly and let the composition macerate for 10 days. Filter the resulting infusion and keep it in dark glass recipients.

How to use it

Consume about 50 ml of this infusion daily, diluted with an equal amount of water. The procedure should continue for around 3 weeks. It can be done several times a year, with 3-month breaks in between.

Horsetail is a wonder of nature, the benefits of which we are just beginning to confirm scientifically. Its effects on bone and joint health are well documented, making it a crucial tool for fighting common health problems that old age brings. Being an accessible cure means you can start using it before those unwanted diseases settle in.

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  1. 50 ml of ethanol per day seems very high
    Could you explain the proportions and dosages again and add a reference.

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