Honey With Nuts and Lemon – Natural Remedy For Anemic And Fatigued Persons

Nuts are so incredibly rich in nutritious substances that they can easily be consumed instead of more refined foods. They contain proteins, minerals and healthy fats (such as Omega-3), making them a well-balanced choice that covers various needs of your body.


They are indicated in the diet of anaemic persons, those that are asthenic, weakened, mentally or physically exhausted, children with growth or development problems, elder people and women.

Nuts and nut oil are also recommended to people with high cholesterol levels and those that have a high risk of heart attack. Besides that, nuts are also excellent for people that have memory or learning problems, as well as those that suffer from nervous diseases, rheumatism or gout.

Honey, nuts and lemon – recipe

Fill a jar halfway with honey. Squeeze the juice out of a lemon and add it to the honey. Stir until you get a homogenous mixture.

After it is done, add the nuts and mix until you get a homogenous result again. The nuts can be finely ground or chopped in a larger size; it’s all up to your preferences. If you have weak teeth, however, it is recommended that the nuts are finely ground, so you can obtain a creamy paste that is easy to consume.

If the jar is not full yet, add some more honey. You generally have to use equal amounts of honey and nuts.

You can consume one tablespoon of this paste, three times a day, 30 minutes before your main meals. You can also use this composition as a spread on toast, biscuits or as a filling for pancakes or other cookies.

Any type of honey can be used, as they all provide great amounts of energy. However, it worth noting that multiflora honey comes with the most benefits overall. Rapeseed honey is also more creamy, resembling a sherbet when it comes to that aspect.

You can use more lemon juice if you need, as this also comes down to personal preference. Lemon juice is packed with vitamin C, which helps absorb the iron from nuts and other foods as well. The citric acid and antioxidant properties of lemons make them ideal for your overall health, as they provide a boost to your immune system, protecting you from various diseases by fighting the harmful bacteria in your body.

Nuts are very nutritious, containing several minerals, with iron being most relevant here. Iron deficiencies are a very common cause of anaemia, leading to fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath and many other negative sensations caused by low levels of energy.

However, some experts claim that nuts (along with other seeds and cereals) contain phytic acid, a compound that inhibits the absorption of iron into your body. To help reduce the levels of this acid, you can leave the nuts sit in water overnight, or you can bake them slightly in the oven.

With this simple and delicious recipe, you will experience all the benefits that the ingredients are rightfully known for. Regular consumption will help you regain the energy that may have been eluding you for a while.

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