Homemade Tincture that Can Fight against Digestive Disorders

Mint, fennel and ginger are some of the most efficient plants for digestive disorders. Combine these three plants and you will obtain a boosting effect upon the digestive system. All three present anti-inflammatory properties and soothe the stomach and intestines. Let us see what other benefits these plants display.

homemade tincture for digestive problems

  • Mint

Mint is a fresh palate cleanser and a great appetizer. It soothes the stomach in case of inflammation or indigestion and it promotes digestion. Whenever you feel sick to your stomach, drink a few cups of mint tea. It will relieve your pain and help you get rid of the sickness. If you are about to travel a long distance, pack yourself some menthol oil. It will get you rid of motion sickness and nausea.

  • Ginger

Ginger has an enormous historical background. In time, it has proven very effective in relieving symptoms of gastrointestinal issues. Herbal medicine describes ginger as an exceptional intestinal spasmolytic and carminative. Recent studies have shown that ginger is one of the plants with numerous beneficial effects. Its properties include antioxidant effects, direct anti-inflammatory effects and an amazing ability to inhibit inflammation.

  • Fennel

Fennel seeds, which can be easily purchased at the local market, have calming effects. The seeds have beneficial properties on the stomach but also on the nervous system. Fennel cures disorders like bloating, nausea, flatulence, cramps, vomiting or constipation. The seeds also have a calming effect, proving to be helpful in cases of insomnia and irritability. Besides all the other benefits, fennel can reduce the appetite, being a support for weight loss programs.


This is a very easy recipe and it doesn’t take long to prepare the tincture. Here are the ingredients you need:

  • ¼ cup of fennel seeds
  • boiling water
  • ½ cup of dry mint leaves
  • vodka or rum
  • ½ cup of grated ginger root


Mix the mint leaves, fennel seeds and ginger in a sterilized jar. Pour some boiling water in order to cover the plants. Fill the rest of the jar with rum or vodka. Seal the jar and place it in a dark space for about 2 – 6 weeks. Don’t forget to shake the jar daily so you can make sure the plants are soaked. After a few weeks, open the jar and filter the composition. Keep the tincture in small bottles.

How to Use It

For the amelioration of vomiting, nausea or heartburns caused by indigestion, use one or two tablespoons daily. The tincture can be ingested just as it is or it can be dissolved in 100 ml of water. To cure morning sickness during pregnancy, you can take ½ tablespoon in the morning or anytime during the day, if necessary. For the kids that suffer from cramps and excess gas, pour 10-20 drops of tincture into 100 ml of water. Adults can use the tincture externally in case they experience headaches or migraines.

Still, there are a few cautions in the case of pregnant or nursing women. Before taking this natural remedy, make sure you make the doctor a visit and ask for his approval.

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