Homemade Shampoos – Recipes and Benefits

If your hair is falling and you find hair strands everywhere in the house, then the reason for this could be the fact that you use chemical shampoos. Basically, all the shampoos that you find in the stores contain chemicals and toxic ingredients. So, if you’re using such a shampoo, this might be the cause for most of your hair problems. If your shampoo says “hair repair”, you should know that they rarely do this. This is just a phrase to attract customers, but even if they leave your hair shiny and smooth after a few washes, in time you will notice that your hair will become drier and brittle and will fall. In other words, the commercial shampoos can seriously damage your hair, so the best decision you can take is to stop using them as soon as possible.

Homemade Shampoos – Recipes and Benefits

Instead, you can use homemade shampoos that are natural, healthy and more nutritious. In order to make them you will be using natural and simple ingredients. The DIY hair shampoos are extremely easy to prepare at home and we will help you with some recipes, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to make them.

Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Since hair fall is one of the most common hair problems people confront with, let’s start with this amazing shampoo. You will need lemon peels, hibiscus leaves, amla and henna. Put a handfull of these ingredients in water and let them soak overnight. The next morning, you must let the mixture boil until it becomes a thick serum. Strain the serum and finally add jojoba oil (1 teaspoon) and soap nut powder (1 teaspoon). Mix the solution well until you get a creamy paste. This is your home-made herbal shampoo that you can use as any other regular shampoo. Use it at least 2 times per week to prevent hair fall and loss.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

If you deal with the annoying dandruff, then this shampoo was created for you. Use baby shampoo and dilute it in approx. 1/3 water. Add the baking soda (1-2 tablespoons) and mix well. Once you have obtained a cream, it means that your shampoo is ready. You can use it 2 or 3 times per week. The thing about baking soda is that it will exfoliate your scalp and remove the dead skin. As a result, it will remove dirt and dandruff. You must add the baby shampoo to add that lathering effect, but you can also leave it out if it’s OK for you to have a non-lathering shampoo.

Mild Shampoo

All the commercial shampoos are harsh and damaging, so if you are in search of a mild natural shampoo, then this is the one. You will only need a couple of soap nuts for this recipe. Put them in 3 cups of water and let them boil. Allow them to simmer, until the mixture becomes 1/3 of the initial quantity. Strain the solution and remove the soap nuts. The shampoos is ready to use and it will cleanse dead scalp cells, excess oil and dirt. If your scalp is dry, you can also add some coconut oil (1 teaspoon) to this shampoo.

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