Home Remedies for an Oily Complexion

Having an oily skin means that your glands are pumping an abundance of sebum. Sometimes, this excessive sebum may lead to acne. Of course heredity plays its role in this, but it’s always best to prevent than to cure right? However , there is an upside to having oily skin: it tends to age better and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles as much.

What can you do to make your skin look better? Start by washing with hot water on a daily basis. This will help dissolve any oil. It’s also crucial to choose the right cleanser for your skin type. It can be a bar soap or even liquid products but avoid those with moisturizers in them like the Dove brand.  Those who already have acne, should choose a soap based on an antibacterial formula.


Making your own toner also helps. Use a cotton and dip it into distilled witch hazel and the dab it all around your face. This remedy should be used twice a day for a whole month or at least three weeks. Herbs like sage and yarrow also have astringent properties which are ideal  ingredients for your homemade toner. You can also use hyssop or neroli essential oil to prepare your toners.

Massages are heavenly, but in this case they are also effective. Use buttermilk to massages your face and you will observe that the acids in it will clean your face from any dirt and will also tighten the pores. Leave the buttermilk on for a few minutes then use hot water to rinse. Facial masks also help, but be careful with the ones you choose. Clay based masks and mud ones are ideal for reducing the greasiness of your skin and will clean your pores from any impurities as well. These kinds of masks can be purchased at your local drugstores, or you can make one at home. Use some facial clay( found at natural food stores) and don’t forget about witch hazel. Add one tablespoon of witch hazel to the same amount of facial clay and start stirring until they are all blended. Now all you have to do is sit back and let the mask do its magic for 10 minutes. Once the mask is dry, rinse it with a clean cloth or cotton pad.

If you like preparing these masks at home, you will have fun with the next recipe. Egg-white masks are known for soaking up oil and for firming the skin. You will need a bit of honey, an egg white and again stir stir stir. A little flour will help you obtain the paste and then the mask is ready to be applied. If you love eating mangoes, you should know that they are also used in masks to tone and dry the skin. Just massage the soft pulp of the fruit on your face, it doesn’t get any easier than this. With these simple home remedies, your skin can visibly improve within weeks. You just need to stick to this routine and apply these treatments thoroughly.

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