Home Remedies for Nocturnal Leg Cramps

Nighttime or nocturnal leg cramps are a common problem nowadays, both for women and men. They can be simply defined as a pain that occurs during the night in the legs. It can be located in your calf, thighs or feet.

remedies for nocturnal leg cramps

People suffering from nocturnal leg cramps complain from the raking pain that can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. It is not a sensation of discomfort or a need to move your legs. This description is suitable for the restless leg syndrome that does not provoke any pain at all. While you will sense a desire to move if you suffer from this syndrome, during nocturnal leg cramps will experience an impossibility of making any movement.

Risk factors

The cause of nocturnal leg cramps remains undiscovered until today, but we know some risk factors that we can avoid. Research shows that a long period spent in the same position will increase the risk of nighttime leg cramps. The most vicious position is sitting. Also, an improper position of the body while sitting can also lead to these cramps. Another category of people likely to have nocturnal leg cramps are the persons who are supposed to work on concrete floors or who have to stay a long time on them, even if just standing.

Scientific studies reveal that some medical conditions are also considered risk factors. Pregnant women are often awaken by nighttime leg cramps. Dehydration, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism – they are all part of the list of risk factors.


  • As it was already mentioned, dehydration could lead to nocturnal leg cramps. In addition, one of the simplest ways to prevent these cramps is to make sure that you are hydrated all day long. It is suggested to drink a glass of water before you go to bed.
  • Another useful thing you could do before you go to bed is to take your time for a warm bath. Besides the effects it has on your mood, it will relax your muscles, preventing the cramps.
  • A lack of potassium or magnesium also has a bad influence on your muscle, causing contraction. If you are not a big fan of food supplements, you may try foods rich in magnesium and potassium, like bananas.
  • Take care of your leg muscles by stretching, wearing appropriate shoes and why not, by relaxing them through yoga or acupuncture.

Immediate actions to take when the cramps occur

But what do you have to do when the pain already occurred? If not handled well, nocturnal leg cramps can leave you with pain that will not go away soon. If the muscle is seriously affected, the ache could only disappear in several days.

  • Keep your legs extended in front of you and try to flex and then stretch them.
  • If you try to take a little walk as soon as the pain has reduced, it will help the muscles, and the sore is more likely to go away sooner.
  • While walking through your house, you may go to the kitchen too, because one tablespoon of mustard actions like a pain reliever.

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