Get Rid of the Flu with This Amazing Onion Infusion

Is the flu your new current health concern? Are you experiencing those annoying symptoms that do not allow you to engage in your daily activities efficiently? Put them at bay using an amazing onion infusion with miraculous healing effects. Let’s discover more about it below.


The Common Flu: Specifics

The flu is an infection of the superior and inferior body airways that is frequently encountered during the cold season. Its most common symptoms are fever, headaches, myalgia and asthenia. Although there are numerous common symptoms featured by this health condition, there are also peculiarities that differentiate its manifestation in the case of different people. The flu usually takes more time to heal and can present severe episodes of body impairment.

Onion: A Natural Antibiotic

The common onion we use for cooking is also considered the most powerful natural antibiotic with proven antimicrobial effects. It has positive effects when used to treat coughs because it features emollient, sedative and calming properties. This makes it the most beneficial natural medicine to use against the commonly encountered flu.

The use of onion can help you stop severe cough sessions and eliminate the negative secretions from the bronchial tree. Moreover, it can also easily restore the epithelial tissues that have been destroyed or severely harmed by respiratory infections.

Onion Infusion: Great Remedy for the Flu

The best form in which the onion can be used to heal the flu is the infusion. This natural remedy is highly efficient for the human body during the cold season. Here is how you can get it ready to use in just a couple of minutes.

First of all, a medium-size onion needs to be cut into four pieces. Place it in a recipient then add up to one liter of hot water. Leave the recipient well-covered for about 20 minutes then strain it and add up one full spoon of honey.

In order to ensure positive effects in your battle against the flu, you must consume the infusion several times during the day instead of water. It will make you feel a lot better from the first day.

For enhanced result, it is recommended that you use the infusion three times a day for up to ten days. Its positive effects will be stronger this way ensuring not only the proper healing of your current health condition but also a strong prevention of future concerns.

Onion Decoction for Respiratory Issues

The most unpleasant effect of the flu is represented by respiratory issues. The onion decoction is the best natural remedy in this case. It must be consumed as hot as you can for achieving the most miraculous effects when it comes to severe cough elimination.

Boil two onions for about 5 minutes. Leave the end result to cool for 10 minutes by covering the boiling recipient. Strain it and consume it with honey as often as you can for fast results.

Heal yourself today using these natural onion remedies that are easy to do and which help your body recover in the best way possible.

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