Garlic and Lemon – A Magical Elixir for Any Disease

We know them as old remedies, transmitted from generation to generation, and we use them every time we have a disease or we have replaced them already with expensive treatments that come with unwanted side effects. Onion, garlic, horseradish, lemon, ginger, chili peppers, these are just some of the miraculous remedies used by the ancient and modern herbal medicine.

Garlic and Lemon – A Magical Elixir for Any Disease

Garlic and Lemon Elixir – Recipe

The combination between garlic and lemon is extremely powerful. This solution has been used for the first time by the ancient Egyptians who needed miraculous drinks to keep the slaves who worked at the pyramids healthy, vigorous and full of energy.


– 4 large lemons

– 3 pieces of garlic

– 2 liters of water


Wash the lemons and squeeze them in a clean jar. Don’t throw the lemon peel and pulp. Mince them and put them in another jar. Peel the garlic and crush them.

Meanwhile, let the water boil. Mix the lemon juice with the lemon peel and pulp and the garlic. Pour the water over the mixture. Make sure the water is cool. Use a piece of cheesecloth to cover the jar and tie it tightly. Keep it in the fridge and let it soak for 3 days.

After that, you can stir the solution and put it in glass bottles closed tightly. Keep them in the refrigerator.


This entire treatment lasts 5 months, followed by a 2-month break. During the first 5 days, you can take 50 ml of the mixture, 3 – 4 times per day, 30 minutes before mealtime. After these 5 days, you must have a 10-day break and take the treatment again.

Effects and Benefits

Besides the powerful energizing effect of the garlic and lemon, this magical solution will also detoxify the body and cleanse the blood.

This mixture between garlic and lemon is considered a panacea that can cure almost any type of disease, from intestinal and gastric disorders to liver diseases and biliary disorders.

First of all, the antibiotic properties of the garlic will help you prevent and treat flu and colds. When combined with the lemon, the garlic becomes a powerful tonic for those who suffer from asthenia, anemia or those who are vulnerable to temperature changes. It is also effective for those who suffer from frequent diseases because of the weak immunity. Even though you are healthy, you can still consume this solution so as to prevent the possible diseases.

This elixir made of garlic and lemon will disinfect the the urinary tract and will cleanse the kidneys. The persons who have recently suffered from a heart failure can take this solution to boost the cardiac function recovery. Moreover, the remedy has proved to be efficient when it came to speeding up the healing of the wounds and scars after surgeries.

As a detoxifying agent, this garlic and lemon mixture will also cleanse the small intestine. It can also be useful when it comes to tuberculosis, constipation and scurvy.

Externally, the solution can be used to combat dandruff and scalp itching. Apply it on the scalp and rub gently.

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