Fantastic Methods of Using Eggs for Your Beauty Rituals

We all know eggs are full of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, Vitamin A, B12, B6 and D, but what most people do not know is how eggs can be very efficient when it comes to beauty. You can actually use eggs to make you look more attractive. It does not matter if you have got dull hair or an oily face, all you need to do is to step into the kitchen and take an egg from the fridge.

eggs for beauty uses

Forget about loading your bathroom with beauty products at high prices. Half of them do not even work. Here is what eggs can do for your beauty:

  • Gets rid of oil – there is nothing more weird than to wake up with a face that shines like the Sun. The problem is mostly encountered in the T-zone of the face. And especially on women who have had to deal with an oily skin all of their lives. Grab an egg, separate the white part and mix it with ½ cup of raw oatmeal. Using your fingers or a brush, apply the mixture on your face and let it stay about 30 minutes to remove the excess oil. Rinse with cold water to close any large pores.
  • Hair conditioner – many commercial products use eggs in their composition and they work just fine. But if the product you enjoy is a little bit out of your budget, you can make an amazing hair conditioner at home, by using 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt, some beaten eggs and ½ cup of amla powder. The powder can be bought from health stores. Mix the ingredients and then apply the solution on your scalp and hair. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then shampoo normally.
  • Age reverser – anti-aging products do cost a lot and every woman on this planet knows it. If you do not want to declare bankruptcy, mix an egg with 3 tablespoons of clay mud and apply all over the face and neck. Wait for it to dry and then rinse. Apply it twice per week.
  • Hair volumizer – crack an egg and add the whole juice of a medium lemon. Beat the mixture using a fork, until frothy. Apply on every strand of hair from the scalp to the bottom and let it stay for 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo.
  • Nails strengthener – in a bowl, mix ¼ cup of warm whole milk and an egg yolk. Place your nails into the mixture for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. Do this daily and the effects will not take long to show.
  • Dead cells remover – put 4 or 5 empty eggshells into a blender and blend until they become powder, then add some honey and rock salt. Apply the mixture on your skin and rub it. Then clean off and enjoy a baby skin.
  • Puffiness eliminator – you had a bad night? Apply the beaten white part of an egg under your eyes and let it stay until it hardens. Rinse with cold water.

As you can see, eggs are not only supposed to be eaten, but they can also help you look prettier.

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