Enjoy a Beautiful Skin with These DIY Pore Strips

If you like to take care of your skin, but you’re on a budget, you will love these DIY pore strips because they are cheap, made at home, but also very effective.

diy pore strip

Nowadays, pore strips are part of our beauty routine, because they ease the removal of blackheads considerably. Blackheads are clearly something you want to get rid of as soon as possible, and pore strips do this for you in a very simple manner. You put them on your nose, wait several minutes, and the next step is to peel them off. In a few moments, you benefit from an enhanced appearance of your skin, without blackheads. Also, you can find these cosmetic tools in any pharmacy, beauty bar, or convenience store.

They seem to have plenty of advantages, don’t they? Well, yes, but the price you pay for your beautiful skin is high. You can end up paying a small fortune for all the pore strips you need, so why not try a natural and much cheaper alternative? Moreover, your skin benefits from plenty of nutrients, which contribute to its beauty. Read further to learn how to make your one DIY pore strips in two ways.

DIY Pore Strip #1


  • One chicken egg (preferably medium-sized)

For this pore strip, you will also need a small plate and a kitchen paper towel.


Step 1: Crack an egg and separate the yolk from the egg white. You will only need the albumen, so place it on a small plate and use the yolk for other purposes.

Step 2: Take a kitchen paper towel and cut a small piece of it, one that resembles a typical pore strip.

Step 3: Put the little piece of paper in egg white, and then lift it and let the excess albumen drip.

Step 4: Put the pore strip on your nose.

Step 5: Let it there for several minutes, and then remove it gently.

DIY Pore Strip #2


  • Two tablespoons of whole milk
  • One tablespoon of gelatin

For the preparation of this DIY pore strip, you will also need a small glass bowl and a popsicle stick.


Step 1: Put a tablespoon of gelatin in the bowl. Make sure you use unflavored gelatin.

Step 2: Add the whole milk to the glass bowl and stir the content well, using a popsicle stick or another wood tool. If you consider that the mixture needs more milk, add a few more drops.

Step 3: Put the mixture in the microwave for only 10 or 15 seconds.

Step 4: When you take out the mix, stir it again. This will help it cool down and not get too chunky.

Step 5: Use the popsicle stick or the tip of your fingers to apply a thin layer of this solution on your nose.

Step 6: It is recommended to let this pore strip stay on your skin for 15 minutes, and then peel it off. Or you can start peeling as soon as it is dry.

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