DIY Vitamin C Serum – Learn How to Do It

Vitamin C serum can reduce wrinkles and make your skin glowing and healthy. This serum provides the skin higher concentrations of Vitamin C compared to other wrinkle-reduction products that contain this vitamin.

vitamin c serum

There are various vitamin C serums on the market with lower or higher concentrations of this ingredient. Unfortunately, these products can be very expensive and also contain harmful ingredients such as chemicals, perfumes and preservatives.

What if you would prepare your own Vitamin C serum from natural ingredients?

How to Make a Natural Vitamin C Serum

You need half a teaspoon of all-natural Vitamin C powder, two tablespoons of vegetable glycerin and one teaspoon of distilled water.

Take a small bowl and dissolve the Vitamin C in the distilled water, then add the glycerin. Using a small funnel, transfer the serum to a small dark-colored recipient and keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Before going to bed, wash your face and use a toner to clean the skin and close the pores. Apply a small quantity of Vitamin C serum and then your daily moisturizer. Shake the serum bottle before you use it. You can also add aloe vera gel and Vitamin E into your serum to boost its benefits.

Why Vitamin C?

Vitamin C can reduce the appearance of brown spots and boosts the production of collagen. It can also keep inflammation at bay, as well as irritation. If you are struggling with red marks caused by acne, Vitamin C can improve the skin’s healing response.

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

  • It can protect the skin from free radicals and renew the damaged skin cells. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals before they damage the healthy skin cells. By regularly applying Vitamin C serum, you can help your skin stay young-looking for longer.
  • The serum is an anti-aging product which promotes collagen production, the protein which keeps the skin firm and soft.  As we age, the collagen production tends to decrease; that is why we need to find other methods to help our skin get the necessary amount of collagen and keep wrinkles away.
  • Vitamin C can also make the skin glow, thanks to its whitening effects. That is why lemons, oranges, papayas and other fruits rich in Vitamin C are usually used in home remedies for uneven pigmentation and scars. If you want to enjoy a radiant complexion, Vitamin C serum is the answer.
  • The serum can shield the skin from sun damage and the risk of developing skin cancer. It makes the dermal layer thicker, keeping away the negative effects of sun exposure. Do not use vitamin C serum as a replacement for sunscreen.

It’s so easy to have a perfect skin with little money and only natural ingredients. The serums on the market can even reach hundreds of dollars for a little bottle, with ingredients that are hard to read even for a scientist. You can enjoy the benefits of Vitamin C serum without making a whole in your pocket. Simply buy these ingredients, follow these steps and you will see the amazing benefits of using all-natural ingredients.

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