Diabetes Treatment: Cinnamon Lowers Blood Sugar

Diabetes mellitus is a carbohydrate metabolism disorder that can be caused by obesity, stress, prolonged depression, negative emotions, nervous system diseases and viral infections.

Diabetes – Causes and symptoms

Overweight people get sick 7-10 times more often than those of normal weight. Very often, diabetes attacks people with endocrine diseases, particularly thyroid diseases. In old people, the cause of diabetes is often the arteriosclerosis. Sometimes, the disease occurs in pregnant women who eat plenty of foods rich in fat and carbohydrates. Alcohol in high doses can also cause diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes are: thirst, food cravings, decreased capacity of work and memory, nervousness. If not diagnosed in time, diabetes may hit the vascular system by atherosclerosis, the legs by gangrene, the kidneys by nephropathy or the eyes by decreased vision.

cinnamon1Cinnamon for diabetics

According to recent studies, it seems that cinnamon helps to lower high blood sugar. This property of cinnamon is highly used in certain Asian countries. Cinnamon is a spice used traditionally in some Asian countries for the treatment of diabetes. Its use for this purpose is scientifically confirmed. Nevertheless, cinnamon is not prescribed yet as a nutritional supplement for diabetic persons.

Cinnamon consumption in case of diabetes can increase by 20 times the capacity of insulin in metabolizing glucose in fat cells. Cinnamon should be taken as powder. Daily consumption of 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon dissolved into a glass of unsweetened fruit juice or water reduces the percentage of glucose in blood plasma.

Diabetes treatment with cinnamon

Cinnamon allows the lowering of blood sugar after meals and prevents the complications caused by diabetes. These statements are confirmed by studies in people with diabetes. Subjects received three months an additional supplement of 350 mg of cinnamon extract and were not allowed to change their normal treatment for diabetes during this period.

The researchers found that the treatment with cinnamon was accompanied by a decrease of blood sugar rate, higher than in patients receiving placebo. They also found an improvement in insulin sensitivity and a decrease in triglycerides.

According to this study, cinnamon improves the glycemic function and the cardiovascular factors. There are many predictions that in the future, people with diabetes will receive cinnamon supplements.

Other health benefits of cinnamon

Chew pieces of cinnamon to satisfy your sweet cravings. This natural remedy is useful to people with high blood sugar. The therapeutic effects of cinnamon also include:

• Relieves toothache – through local buffering with cinnamon tincture
• Prevents stomach bacteria
• Cures indigestion and severe cramps – you can try a few drops of cinnamon tincture (prepared by soaking 20 g of cinnamon powder in 100 ml alcohol 400 for 10 days )
• Cures respiratory diseases, flu and sore throat
• Fights germs that cause respiratory tract infections – try an infusion of cinnamon
• Gives a peaceful sleep and relieves headaches in flu patients – massage the temples with cinnamon oil
• Wards off physical and mental fatigue, nervousness, stress nervous
• Relieves rheumatism, osteoarthritis and neuralgia – oil massage
• Fights some genital disorders (dysmenorrhea, uterine bleeding) occurred in physical effort or during pregnancy
• Contributes to wound healing

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