Detox Yourself with Honey Water

There are so many detox recipes out there that you don’t even know what to pick. There’s lemon water, there’s cucumber water, there’s berry water and numerous other kinds of waters. All these detox drinks will allow you to drink the water you need without feeling bloated and gaining extra pounds afterwards.

honey water benefits

A detox drink is generally made out of various citrus fruits and herbs, helping your body burn fat much faster due to the metabolism boost. But did you know that honey is also an excellent addition when it comes to detox waters? Just replace your sugar with a teaspoon of honey, and you will experience the benefits this healthy addition brings.

  • You Will no Longer Have Gas Problems

Since it is antibacterial, honey works in reducing the bloating effect you might experience after sugary or junk foods. If you combine the honey with lemon, orange or any other citrus fruit, your body will be able to flush out the toxins much more efficiently.

  • It Makes Your Skin Look Prettier

Since lemon is packed with antioxidants, it will definitely improve the quality of your skin. Even used as a mask, it can help control your sebum and will keep your skin hydrated even after you take the mask off. Consuming the honey will allow the active ingredients to act directly from within, so you should also consume it internally, besides applying it on your face.

  • It Will Boost Your Immune System

Honey is packed with enzymes, minerals and vitamins which can improve the quality of your health. Plus, the ‘good sugar’ within this ingredient gives it the properties of an ‘anti-sugar’ that beats the ‘bad sugars.’ Sure, you CAN gain weight by eating too many healthy sugars, but after the treatment, you will notice that you won’t become sick so often anymore.

  • It’s Not Addictive

Are you familiar with the term ‘sugar rush’? Every person is addicted to sugar because of this – they want to feel the rush again and again. Most of them will be in denial, and they will say that they can quit sugar anytime – but have you noticed how they all reach out for sweets or add sugar to their drinks? The best way to tone it down is to replace it with honey, which won’t mess with your body like sugar does.

  • It Helps Your Heart

Say no to sugary drinks and start detoxing yourself with honey water. Moreover, you can replace all sugary foods with natural ingredients such as honey to put less pressure on your heart, encouraging a long and healthy life. It also helps your body fight against cancer, lowering the risk of developing such life-threatening diseases.

Honey is a very healthy ingredient that will definitely offer you a dose of energy. It will provide you with you good carbs and sugars that can be easily burned down with a little bit of exercise. From throat problem to health irregularities, honey can help you with every ailment you may have.

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