Currant Cider Recipe – Excellent Tonic and Detoxifier

Currants, particularly black currants have been used for therapeutic purposes in all corners of the world. Recent research has confirmed their amazing healing properties since the fruits are rich in powerful antioxidants.


Studies developed in modern laboratories have proven that these fruits are equipped with fantastic anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial properties. Due to a range of chemical compounds, black currants fight a broad variety of diseases, particularly cardiovascular affections, especially arterial hypertension, neoplastic, neurodegenerative, and ocular diseases, diabetic neuropathy, and nephrolithiasis.

Currants – Excellent at Treating Cardiovascular Diseases and Urinary Tract Infections

Currants embody an array of antioxidant components which play a fundamental role in establishing the cardiovascular benefits of the fruits. Namely, the risk of high blood pressure is significantly diminished, while the oxidative stress is also reduced.

However, before establishing the health benefits that currants have on the cardiovascular health, these amazing fruits were widely known for their potency in providing protection against Urinary Tract Infection. Not only can they prevent these infections, but they can treat them as well.

The strongest antioxidants that are found in black currants include anthocyanins, flavonoids, and phenolic acids.

Currants – Equipped with Fantastic Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

These fruits play a vital role in reducing inflammation as well, thanks to the unique mixture of anti-inflammatory compounds. The phytonutrients are the compounds which are particularly powerful in diminishing unwanted inflammation in the body.

Additionally, currant intake seems to provide excellent immune support, according to research. The consumption of these fruits is linked to a lower frequency of flu and cold symptoms since the fruits aim at improving various aspects of the immune system.

Currant Cider – Recipe

Black currants are among the healthiest fruits, due to the incredible levels of antioxidants they contain. However, all kinds of currants are featured by amazing health benefits, so you should include them in your diet, nonetheless.

To prepare this cider, you’ll need black, red and white currants. This way, by combining these different kinds of fruits, the therapeutic effect is tripled.


  • 3 kg currants
  • 1,5 kg brown sugar (unrefined)
  • 6 liters water


First, wash the fruits in plenty of water. Next, mix them using a blender. Transfer the mixture to a big bowl, and allow the fruits to macerate for 24 hours. Next, you should strain the paste using a gauze. Add the sugar and water, and keep stirring until the content is properly homogenized.

Place the content in a demijohn, and cover it with a cork stopper. Place a tube in the demijohn; the other end should be put in a jar filled with water.

The fermentation interval lasts for about 40 days. When the mixture doesn’t make any noise, it’s time to add water. Leave it for another 40 days, in order to obtain a clear cider. Transfer the content in glass bottles, and store it at cold temperature, in a storage room.

In order to benefit from the energizing benefits linked to these fantastic fruits, it’s recommended to drink one glass of cider a day.

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