Cure Your Sore Throat With Apple Cider Vinegar

We all get a sore throat once in a while and it can be The Worst. It’s uncomfortable, it hurts, and it makes your voice sound all weird. But you don’t have to necessarily wait it out or choose to medicate immediately. There are alternative and natural solutions, including using apple cider vinegar. Want to know how you can treat your sore throat with it? Carry on reading.

apple cider vinegar for sore throat

How do you know you’re getting a sore throat?

  • The glands on your neck start to swell
  • Swallowing water (or other liquids) and food becomes painful
  • You experience hoarseness when you talk
  • You have a dry throat
  • Your tonsils have white patches on them
  • Your throat itches, is irritated, or is painful

Why would you cure a sore throat with apple cider vinegar?

You may be wondering why you would try to cure your sore throat with apple sider vinegar, instead of taking medication, or just letting it heal on its own. Well, the raw apple cider vinegar has high contents of prebiotic insulin. This helps make your immune system stronger and increase the number of T cells and white blood cells.

In addition, it can fight infection thanks to its anti-bacterial nature. Another benefit comes courtesy of its expectorant properties – it helps you swallow and breathe more easily by thinning and loosening the mucus in your throat. Not only that, but it prevents bacteria from growing in your throat by taking down the pH, thanks to its acidic nature.

How can apple cider vinegar be used to cure your sore throat?

Apple cider vinegar is actually surprisingly flexible and you can use it in combination with an entire host of ingredients, in order to create treatments for your sore throat. Each and every one of these methods has been tested and was found to produce good results.

  • Apple cider vinegar & cayenne pepper
  • Apple cider vinegar & ginger
  • Apple cider vinegar (undiluted)
  • Apple cider vinegar & salt
  • Apple cider vinegar & tea
  • Apple cider vinegar & water (gargle)
  • Apple cider vinegar & orange juice
  • Apple cider vinegar & ginger garlic paste
  • Apple cider vinegar mixture
  • Apple cider vinegar & lemon & honey
  • Apple cider vinegar & ginger garlic paste
  • Apple cider vinegar & peppermint tea

Some notes on treatment

  • All these methods are effective, but undiluted apple cider vinegar will understandably have the strongest effects in pain and symptom alleviation and promotion of healing. The first time you try it is the hardest, and it becomes better after that.
  • Remember to use mouthwash after the treatment, and make sure it’s antiseptic
  • No matter what treatment you opt for, you need to do it two or three times per day, depending on how bad your symptoms are
  • Avoid polluted areas and wear a mask
  • Don’t eat spicy foods or junk food
  • Remember to hydrate yourself and your throat

In conclusion, even though a sore throat can be very uncomfortable and irritating, apple cider vinegar has a lot of benefits that can help heal this condition. All you have to do is choose a method and respect the indications given above.

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