Cure Allergies With Herbal Remedies

Suffering from hay fever can be annoying and stressing, especially in the spring and summer, when the trees and flowers begin blooming. This condition is characterized through an allergic reaction that your organism has against pollen and is manifested by thin nasal discharge, sneezing and itchy, watery and inflamed eyes. Allergies can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes they can get agonizing. If you have tried all kinds of treatments without any rate of success, then we recommend you to take a look at the effective herbal remedies below.

Home Remedies for Allergies

In order to reduce the nasal inflammation and its secretions, you need to use a natural antihistamine, such as Vitamin C. Other substances that are also antihistamine and are beneficial when taken together with Vitamin C are hesperidin, rutin and quercetin. If you are wondering where you can get these substances from, the answer is simple: look in your garden. Both the flavonoids and the vitamin can be found in broccoli, berries, spinach, plums, peppers and citrus fruits.

The hay fever symptoms can also be reduced with nettle. You can use a tincture that was made from its leaves and ingest 2 to 4 ml thrice a day. You can also take nettle leaves in capsule form or in tea.

If you struggle with any kind of allergic reactions, including hay fever, then angelica might be your rescue. This plant contains a couple of substances and compounds that prevent the production of antibodies that appear because of various allergies. Consume this plant in tea. Put half a teaspoon in a cup of boiled water and let it infuse for a couple of minutes, then drink it.

Throughout the years, numerous researchers have also found that licorice is extremely beneficial in decreasing inflammation and reducing the allergic symptoms. This herb contains compounds that enhance the production of cortisol, a hormone released by our body in order to fight against the inflammation. Thanks to this plant called licorice, the cortisol in your body will last longer and will immediately reduce any kind of inflammation, without having any side effect. However, you should be careful with the doses of licorice you ingest. A large dose increases the risk of your body being depleted of potassium. Moreover, studies have found that large doses of licorice can lead to high blood pressure. So, if you want it to be helpful for your allergies, take this herb in small doses.

Last, but not least, you should take into consideration consuming cayenne or chili peppers. They contain an active ingredient called capsaicin that will desensitize your mucosa and will prevent your airways from secreting too many fluids. At the same time, this ingredient will prevent the mucosa to become inflamed every time you expose it to various irritants.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, allergies can bring along great discomfort and if they are really serious, they can even affect your social life. In order for you to live a normal life, away from all kinds of allergies, we recommend you to try some of the herbs presented above. You can take them in capsules, teas or tinctures so as to get relief from any annoying symptom.

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