Castor Oil and Coconut Oil: A Miraculous Hair Mask

Are you struggling with dry, frizzy hair? Are your “bad hair days” occurring so often that you can’t even remember how it feels to have a good hair day?

diy hair mask

Dry weather can be really harsh on your hair, which is why your hair ends up looking like a bunch of frizzy wires. On top of that, commercial hair masks come in such large varieties of products that you don’t even know where to choose from. Not to mention that the moment you see the ingredients list packed with chemicals, you want to place it back on the shelf. This is why it’s such a good idea to make your own hair mask in the comfort of your home!

Why Are Homemade Hair Masks so Good

Hair masks can help your hair recover from previous damage. As opposed to conditioners which just act on the exterior of your hair, masks go much deeper. They enter the cuticles and repair the damaged hair, stimulate the hair growth, moisturize the hair and prevent dandruff from appearing on your scalp. They’re a much better alternative to store-bought masks that contain harsh chemicals and can irritate your scalp. No matter how organic they claim to be, they are bound to have a few chemicals and preservatives here and there. Two common ingredients in commercial hair masks are Diazolidinyl and Hydantoin which were linked to chest pain, allergies, chronic fatigue, dizziness, depression, headaches, ear infections, joint pain, asthma triggers and sleep loss. How does that sound?

This is why coconut oil and castor oil are so great for the hair. Here is the reason:

  • Coconut oil: It strengthens and moisturizes the hair due to its ability to stop protein loss from your hair. It will also promote hair growth and fight dandruff which is most of the time caused by the dryness of your scalp.
  • Castor Oil: It prevents scalp infections, promotes hair growth, moisturizes the hair and reduces split ends. It’s rich in vitamin E, proteins, and minerals, and it’s a great remedy that will strengthen your hair.

How to Make a Hair-Repairing Mark

Do you have both oils? Good. Those are all the ingredients that you’ll need. Grab a cup and mix in one part organic coconut oil and one part organic castor oil. The amount can be adjusted depending on your hair. If it’s shorter, prepare less. If it’s longer, make more of it. Just make sure you add equal amounts of the ingredients.

To prepare it, pour the mixture in a bowl that can be used in a microwave. The oils are to be heated for 30 minutes, or you can leave the bowl in the sun during the day. You can then take it and apply it on the roots of your hair. Tips are optional, but if you need extra moisture, you can apply the solution there as well.

And you’re done! This hair mask is certain to fix your brittle, dry hair and make it look healthy again!

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