Bone Metastasis: Soothing Ointment for Pain (Recipe)

Those who suffer from severe pain caused by bone metastasis can try this soothing ointment recipe. It is a very old remedy that has been used by hundreds of years by the Greek monks.

Bone Metastasis: Soothing Ointment for Pain (Recipe)

Soothing Ointment for Bone Metastasis – Recipe


– 100 grams green coffee (raw, but dry)

– 100 grams lemons

– 100 grams lard

– 100 grams homemade butter (unsalted)

– 50 grams thistle


In order to prepare this recipe, you must take the butter out of the fridge well in advance (at least 1 hour before making the ointment). This way, it will melt and it will be a lot easier to use it. So, after you do this, you must mix the butter with the lard. Make sure the paste becomes homogeneous. Leave them for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, squeeze the juice from the lemons. Grind the coffee and the thistle with the coffee grinder. After that, add the lemon juice slowly and mix very well until the entire mixture becomes homogeneous. You will obtain a fine salve. Furthermore, you must add the lard and butter mixture and stir well. Once you do this, you will have a smooth and unitary ointment that will be extremely soothing for your bone pain. Keep the ointment in a small box closed with a lid. Put it in the fridge.


With this homemade ointment you must gently massage the painful areas. Do this about 3 or 4 times per day for as long as it takes.

You can get the thistle and the green coffee from the healthy food stores. The butter can be homemade or you can buy organic butter from the store. Make sure the butter is unsalted. Finally, the lard must also be natural, organic and unsalted.

If you suffer from bone metastasis, you should always have this beneficial ointment in your home. It’s easy to make, affordable and much efficient than the over-the-counter medicines.

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  1. It wasn’t this one. Peppermint, wintergreen, lemongrass & alot more

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