Best Beauty Remedies That Will Cost You Nothing

Girls, in particular, encounter at some point beauty emergencies. But what can you do when you don’t have the money to buy a cosmetic treatment or ask for professional help? A simple solution is to use what you have in your home as beauty remedies. This way, you will get rid of your issue, but you will also spare a lot of money. This article is presenting several beauty remedies that you can try at home and which are really inexpensive.

natural beauty remedies

Get Rid of Acne with Toothpaste

Usually, when a pimple shows up on your face, you feel like your world is crashing down. But not anymore! Try a very handy solution – toothpaste. This product can calm down the area, reducing the blemish and inflammation.

How to use it: Take a small amount of white toothpaste and apply it on the pimple or affected area in the evening. Let it there over the night and rinse it with lukewarm water in the morning.

Extra tip: If you have an Aloe Vera plant in your home, take one leaf and extract its gel, then apply it on your skin. This will help you reduce the inflammation, moisturize the area, and kill the bacteria causing the acne.

Forget about puffy eyes with cold spoons

Waking up in the morning and realizing that you have puffy eyes is a real nightmare. If they also have dark circles under them, the situation is even worse. But you can get rid of both of the problems with a cold spoon. Yes, it is that simple!

How to use it: put two clean spoons in the refrigerator and let them there for about 10 minutes. Then put their upper side under your eyes and keep them there for 1 minute. You can repeat the process for 3-4 times.

Extra tip: Another remedy for puffy eyes is to put over your eyelids 2 cold, used bags of green tea. After 10 minutes, you will be pleased to notice that both the swelling and the dark circles are gone.

Prepare your own sweet lips scrub

Cracked lips are undoubtedly not aesthetic. But there are plenty of factors that may cause your lips to lose their healthy appearance, such as sunlight, wind, smoking and hormonal imbalance. The good news is that you can take care of your lips by preparing an efficient lip scrub, using sugar and honey.

How to use it: Make your own lip scrub using 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Mix the ingredients well and apply the scrub on your lips. Use this solution once a week, but be gentle. This sweet lip scrub will remove the dead cells and flakes from your lips, leaving them pink and healthy.

Extra tip: Of course, if you do not eliminate the cause of the problem, you will struggle with chapped lips for a long time. If you notice a tendency of your lips to crack, include in your daily beauty routine an efficient, but inexpensive treatment: coconut or olive oil. Keep your lips healthy by moisturizing them daily with one of these oils and you will forget about chapped lips!

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