Bedstraw Ointment Calms the Painful Beaking Spine – Recipe

Yellow bedstraw is known to be an amazing healing plant that has various uses in the folk medicine. The plant has been used for decades to treat nervous and thyroid diseases, liver and renal conditions and rheumatism. The aerial parts of the bedstraw are usually harvested during May – August, when the plant blooms. You must let them dry in a shady place.

Bedstraw Ointment Calms the Painful Beaking Spine – Recipe

Bedstraw Ointment – Recipes

Those who suffer from pain caused by spine beaking can try this extraordinary remedy. It is said that it can destroy everything that’s painful along the spine.


– 20 grams of bedstraw plant

– 30 ml rubbing alcohol

– 200 ml of extra-virgin olive oil

– 80 grams of beeswax


To prepare this calming ointment for the beaking spine pain, you can use the flowers, leaves and stems of the dried plant. Crush them with a knife and put them in a jar. Pour the rubbing alcohol over them and close tightly. Leave the bedstraws to soak for about 10 – 12 hours (over the night), then open the jar to add the olive oil.

Shake the jar well and let it boil using the bain-marie technique for about 2 hours. After this period has passed, cover the jar with a thick towel and leave it this way until the mixture is completely cold (this means about 48 hours). During this time, shake the jar oncde every 4 – 5 hours.

Finally, strain the mixture through a cheesecloth and let it boil adding the beeswax. Leave the solution on the heat until the wax melts. Turn the heat off and let the solution cool, mixing regularly, then pour it in small containers. If you keep the ointment in the fridge, pantry or cellar (a cool place), it can last for up to 1 year.


With this natural ointment, you can massage your affected areas, but you can also use it on the entire spine. Use the salve once a day. It is recommended that you use it in the evening, before going to bed.

Don’t follow this treatment for more than 2 weeks. After a 2-month break, you can re-use this treatment.

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