Basil and Ginger Tonic

Since the earliest times, we have discovered that foods have a great potential to nurture us, but also to cure us. At least, that is what the great Greek doctor Hippocrates says. When we are faced with a mild illness of any sorts, we can always turn to the healing powers of the plants and foods which God has gifted with amazing prophylactic and curing properties.

basil and ginger tonic

A Natural Solution

Natural remedies can be a more effective solution for treating colds or any minor ailments. It’s a much better alternative compared to conventional medicine which, aside from being expensive, can be really dangerous in the long run. The superiority of natural remedies comes from the sense of security they give. Plants and foods do not have the toxicity and the side effects of the synthetic pills, which means they can be used for longer periods of time without any major risk.

However, it is also true that these sorts of treatments need to be administered at the recommendation of a specialist in natural remedies. The reason behind that is because certain medicines you may be taking can interact negatively with the substance in the plants and foods. Some may not even be recommended for a certain health issue, or should not be taken in high doses.

The Holy Basil that Keeps Us Healthy

Coming back to the subject of this article, we present you with the recipe of a tonic that is not only great for your health, but it can also be very effective in treating a cold or a respiratory virus. The plants used here have properties that are known to relieve the symptoms of a sore throat or a runny nose.

The time to make this recipe is usually under 15 minutes, so you can give it a try to see how it goes. It is a serving for one person – almost ¾ of a cup. The ingredients you will need to use are the following:

  • 10-15 basil leaves (1/4 of a cup)
  • 1 piece of peeled ginger
  • ½ teaspoon of peppercorns
  • 1-½ cup of water

Pro Tip: Depending on the amount of ginger used, you will determine how strong the tonic will be. Adjust it according to your preferences.

Preparing it has Never Been Easier

Carefully wash the basil leaves. Finely chop the ginger and grind it into a paste by using a knife, or a mortar and pestle. Place a pan on the stove and roast the peppercorns until you can feel the aroma. Blend them together with the basil leaves and then start boiling the water. Add the ginger along with the pepper and basil paste. Cover it with a lid and let it go down until you remain with ¾ of a cup. Let it cool for a bit, then strain the tea and it is ready to drink.

Basil helps calm your central nervous system, relieving the feeling of stress and fatigue. Taken regularly, it can also help with depression, neurosis, and other infections.

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