Acacia flowers – Your Remedy for Insomnia and Depression

Starting with the month of May, the acacia flowers pop up and you can feel them all around due to their amazing scent. Their sweet perfume acts almost like a sedative for your body, by dissipating all the negative energy and all your body tension.

acacia flowers for sleep

The acacia genus is composed of more than 1200 species of flowering trees and plants. For centuries, it has been known as a plant which can help fight anxiety, insomnia, depression and a general status of sorrow. You can benefit from its calming effects, just by taking a long walk in areas populated by acacia flowers and by inhaling their scent. The majority of them are used medicinally for their soothing features.

But you can do more than that. You can pick up the flowers and use them as tea. Moreover, acacia flowers are edible and sweet, so you can benefit from them in a variety of forms and recipes: in fruit salads, ice creams, syrups or pancakes. You can preserve the flowers in bags over the year if you dry them. Another way of using them is to freeze and keep them in plastic bags.

Therapeutic indications

Acacia flowers have antineuralgic, sedative and calming qualities. We should not forget the antiseptic attribute and also the effects in soothing the cough. Here are the numerous areas in which acacia can be of real help:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Panic attacks, anxiety, depression
  • Disorders of the nervous system
  • Memory loss
  • Irascibility, anger
  • Fatigue, asthenia
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Cough, asthma
  • Stomach heartburn, cramps
  • Indigestion, ulcer
  • Colds, respiratory infections

How to use acacia flowers for insomnia

In order to fight insomnia, you can carry out a treatment with the tea obtained from acacia flowers. You may sweeten it with honey or you can add the flowers in other foods. Nothing prevents you from eating the acacia flowers per se. This way, all its attributes are better preserved.

If you are having trouble sleeping or falling asleep or if stress is affecting you, acacia tea is the perfect remedy. It is naturally relaxing and easy to administer.

You should use one spoon of acacia flowers for 250 ml of hot water. Let it infuse 10-15 minutes and drink it in the evening, with 1 or 2 hours before going to sleep. This way, the effects of acacia will reflect in a relaxing sleep.

Bear in mind that you should ask for your doctor`s advice before starting this tea treatment, in case you suffer from gastric hypoacidity, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, in case you are already following a medicine treatment, advice should be sought.

In case you are allergic to acacia, avoid using acacia-based products. You risk experiencing severe allergic reactions, such as rashes and shortness of breath.

Acacia has numerous therapeutic properties that come as an aid for good sleep. Insomnia, the sleep disorder bothering so many people nowadays, can definitely be improved by drinking one cup of tea daily.

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