7 Home Remedies To Eliminate Crow’s Feet

Smiling makes you look younger and gives you a positive state of mind. Unfortunately, the annoying lines at the outer corner of the eyes, also called crow’s feet, can prevent us from smiling as much as we would want to.

crow's feet remedies

Crow’s feet are in fact wrinkles cause by the low levels of elastin and collagen as we get older. Their appearance is accelerated by excessive alcohol intake, smoking and extended exposure to the harmful UV light. Crow’s feet is also genetic; that is why many of the anti-aging creams and solutions on the market are not always efficient.

Many of these anti-aging products contain harsh chemicals that can have harmful side effects such as inflammation, skin irritation or hyper-pigmentation. Besides this, their price is quite high, so not everyone can afford to buy them.

But maybe their high price is a good thing, as it forces women to turn their attention towards the affordable, all-natural home remedies that they can prepare themselves. Using plants, fruits, vegetables and adopting some simple lifestyle choices can help you smile again with confidence.

  • A lot o water

You have already heard many time that you have to keep yourself hydrated to prevent the apparition of wrinkles. You can drink water, herbal teas or natural fruit juices, just make sure you consume plenty of it each day.

  • Milk

Milk is an effective solution for wrinkles and eye puffiness. Simply pour some milk into a glass, keep it in the fridge until it gets cold and apply on the affected areas. Drinking milk also has many benefits as it encourages elastin and collagen production, makes you looks younger and helps you stay healthy.

  • Coconut Oil

Replace your face cream with coconut oil, an efficient moisturizer. Use it especially before going to bed, giving it time to hydrate the skin cells.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

Apply aloe vera on the wrinkles, because this is an incredible anti-aging solution. Aloe vera contains a gel that is rich in Vitamin E. Apply this gel on the crow’s feet and wash it off after several minutes with water.

  • Cucumber Slices

Apply cucumber slices on your eyes and it will do wonders, eliminating the annoying puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and also combatting the lines on the corner of your peepers. Cucumber contains lots of water and vitamin C, known for its anti-aging properties.

  • Egg White

Make a mask by whipping an egg white and applying it to the corner of the eyes. When you feel some tautness, rinse with cold water. Eggs contain elastin and collagen.

  • Papaya

Papaya is rich in enzymes and vitamin C. Mash a small piece of this excellent fruit and apply it on the crow’s feet. Rinse after several minutes.

It is so easy, affordable and fun to create your homemade crow’s feet remedies. No more spending money on expensive products. And, moreover, you will know for sure that what you use is all natural.

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