6 Ways to Treat a Panic Attack

The panic attacks are characterized through a sudden surge of intense fear, apprehension or overwhelming anxiety. It is a powerful feeling of fear triggered by a threat that doesn’t actually exist. The tricky part about the panic attacks is that they occur without any warning. On the other hand, the good news is that they only last for a few minutes. In very rare cases, they can last one hour or more. Some of the physical symptoms associated with these type of attacks are: a choking feeling, chest pain, tingling or numbness sensations, hyperventilation, nausea, trembling, cold or hot flashes, sweating and rapid heartbeat. There is no exact cause for the panic attacks, but it is believed they have a genetic component. Some of them might also occur because of traumatic events that happened in the past. Panic attacks can affect the physical and emotional health, but with simple remedies they can be kept under control.

6 Ways to Treat a Panic Attack

1. Chamomile

One particular study has discovered that chamomile is able to reduce mild or moderate anxiety disorders. This plant contains magnesium and calcium, the most important nutrients when it comes to reducing the panic attacks. Prepare a chamomile tea with dried flowers and drink this tea daily. This will prevent the panic attacks and will also promote relaxation.

2. Ginseng

Ginseng can relax the nerves and it can also reduce the responses of the body to stressors. Prepare a ginseng tea and consume it thrice per day so as to prevent the panic attacks. You can also take ginseng supplements, but avoid them if you’re also using high blood pressure pills.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is not good only for the body, but also for the mind. It contains a wide array of minerals and vitamins that are going to treat the panic attacks and can also reduce stress. At the same time, it increases the mental focus and boosts the mood. Prepare the tea with green tea leaves and drink it up to 3 times per day.

4. Passion Flower

Various studies have demonstrated that passion flower is a great plant for curing the panic attacks. The flavonoids in this flower (benzaflavone and chrysin) will increase the brain’s gamma aminobutyric acid, thus diminishing the stress and the anxiety. You can find the passion flower in capsule, tincture or tea form, but you mustn’t take it without consulting a doctor. Also, don’t take it in excess.

5. Valerian

This remedy is also popular among those suffering from panic attacks. The valerian will reduce the panic attacks symptom, will calm the nerves and will also promote sleep. You can drink valerian tea daily, just avoid to consume it in the morning. The valerian extract is also beneficial. Take it before goinf to sleep. Don’t take valerian for more than 1 month.

6. Hot Bath

Whenever possible, a hot bath is the best remedy for a panic attack. It will relax your body, promote the sleep and combat the stress. Add essential oils like rose, chamomile or lavender oils in your bathtub for a better effect. Soak in the water for 20 minutes and after that you will feel more relaxed and the panic attack will disappear.

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