5 Methods to Relieve Sciatica Pain Using Natural Remedies

Sciatica pain or lower back pain affects each of us at some point in life. Whether it is temporary or chronic, it has the same effects on our body and mind. It is not something you can ignore or live with; it is a constant pain that becomes worse especially in the morning and when you lay down to get a good night’s sleep, which you won’t because of the pain.

sciatica pain natural remedies

What we do first is to go to a drug store and buy ointments, gels and creams to relieve pain. If the pain is superficial, some of these will work. If the pain is chronic, the next step will be to see a doctor who will prescribe powerful antidepressants for chronic pain, steroids, anti-inflammatories and anti-seizure medication all with unpleasant side effects.

What about natural remedies? Why are not these the first option for pain? Have we forgotten how to use nature’s medicinal plants and natural resources?

The symptoms of sciatica pain can include:

  • An intense pain that makes it difficult to stand up.
  • Pain in the leg that worsens when sitting.
  • Tingling or burning in the leg.
  • Numbness, weakness or difficulty moving the leg or foot.

Five methods to relieve sciatica pain with natural remedies

  • Natural muscle relaxants

You can use yarrow, celery seeds or chamomile ointments that act as natural relaxants, loosening your muscles and preventing pain. In just 3-4 days, you will get rid of the annoying pain. You can also use angelica, Devil’s claw, ginger and willow bark.

  • Herbal infused oils

You can make at home your herbal infused oils simply by steeping herbs into a bottle filled with oil. Let them macerate for 4 to 6 weeks. You can use mint, birch, chamomile, lavender, yarrow, goldenrod or clary sage that reduce inflammation and relax the muscles.

  • Ice or Heat

You can apply hot or cold compresses that will relieve sciatica pain and inflammation. The sciatic nerve might be compressed by tense muscles so that the heat treatment will relax them. The cold treatment will reduce the swelling and numb the pain around the nerve.

  • Turmeric

The curcumin contained by turmeric is very efficient in reducing inflammation and pain. You can prepare a healthy drink by adding one teaspoon of turmeric and a small cinnamon stick into a cup of milk, boil the solution and add some honey. You can drink it once or twice a day.

  • Capsaicin Cream

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which is a natural pain reliever. What is does is to lower the levels of a substance named P, a neurotransmitter that transports pain signals. You can use a cream that contains capsaicin and apply it up to four times each day for at least a week.

These are only some of the variety of natural remedies and procedures you can use to get rid of sciatica pain and return to a normal, pain-free life. Still, if the natural treatments do not show any signs of improvement in about two weeks, you should consult a specialist.

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