4 natural remedies for HEART, LIVER and BLOOD (better than meds)

The over-the-counter medicines are equally beneficial and harmful for the health. Despite this, most of the people take pills almost daily, even to solve the most minor health problems. Still, they don’t take into consideration the natural alternatives that are as efficient as these, but they come with no side effects.

4 Efficient Natural Recipes for the Veins, Blood, Heart and Liver

The medicines that we propose today come as delicious drinks that are easy to prepare at home and that improve the health and blood circulation.

Recipe to Cleanse the Cardiac Veins

– 500 ml lemon juice

– 500 ml ginger juice

– 500 ml garlic juice

– 500 ml apple cider vinegar

– 150 g honey

After extracting the juices from the plants, you must mix them and add the honey. Keep this mixture in the fridge, in bottles or jars closed with a lid. Take 1 teaspoon in the morning, before breakfast.

Recipe to Cleanse the Blood

– 1 medium beetroot

– 2 carrots

– 1 apple

– 1 cup of nettle tea

– 1 piece of ginger root

– The juice from ½ lemon

Put all the ingredients in a juicer or a blender and mix well. You will obtain a natural drink that will eliminate all the toxins from the blood.

Recipe to Decrease High Blood Pressure

– 4 carrots

– 2 small celeries

– 2 garlic cloves

– 1 medium beetroot

– 1 tablespoon of parsley

– 1 teaspoon of rosemary

– ½ lemon

Mix all the above ingredients in a juicer or blender and consume the fresh juice throughout the day. This remedy will significantly reduce the high blood pressure in a natural way.

Recipe to Purify the Liver

– 2 teaspoons of thistle

– 1 teaspoon of chicory root

– 1 teaspoon of dandelion root

– 1 teaspoon of parsley

– 1 teaspoon of mint leaves

– ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder

– The juice and peel from one lemon

Prepare an infusion using the first 6 plants and 6 cups of boiling water. Let it steep for 7 minutes. Wash the lemon with apple cider vinegar, then grate it and squeeze the juice, and then add it to the tea. This drink will efficiently and immediately cleanse and revitalize the liver.

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