The Window Flower That Fights Cancer – The Unknown Healing Properties of Red Geranium

The most beautiful window plant we have is a surprising source of flavonoids, which are useful substances in cancer treatment and prevention, thanks to their powerful antioxidant properties. Geranium’s therapeutic properties include: it improves the right functioning of your metabolism, it stagnates tumor growth, it dissolves kidney stones and it stops hemorrhages.

geranium health benefits

Traditional medicine would use the leaves of red geraniums to cure diarrhea, lung abscesses or gangrene, but also to treat pain and rheumatism.

Over time, researchers have indicated that each part of the geranium presents therapeutic properties. Its leaves, flowers and roots embody a high content of starch, fatty acids, salts, tannins, vitamin C, saponins, essential oils, alkaloids and flavonoids.

Flavonoids determine the usefulness of the plant in the prevention and treatment of cancer, due to the strong antioxidant properties these substances have.

So, even though they are popular apartment plants, geraniums do embody curative properties, namely antitumor, antibacterial, antirheumatic and anti-inflammatory functions. In therapeutic purposes, you may use the leaves, roots, flowers and stems of the plant. However, doctors advise you to ask for a specialist’s opinion before actually starting a treatment, even though you may assume that natural remedies are entirely harmless.

Geranium Leaves – A High Source of Vitamin C

Geranium infusion can be used successfully in case of several affections: detoxification, breast nodules, uterine fibroids, kidney stones, acne, cataracts and otitis.

Specialists detected that geranium embodies almost the same properties as garlic and onion, maybe even more. For the preparation of this remedy, you ought to use the geranium’s leaves, flowers, roots and stems. Its root is rich in starch, starchy carbohydrates, flavonoids, saponins and other beneficial substances. The leaves present high deposits of vitamin C, ether oil, glucose and carotene.

Geranium ointment and oils are effectively used in treating respiratory diseases, especially bronchitis. Moreover, tea made with geranium leaves is acknowledged as a useful natural remedy in curing hyperthyroidism, as it is anti-diuretic and antioxidant. There’s a popular supposition that geranium tea also functions as a natural remedy in dissolving kidney stones. The liquid extracted from the geranium roots is recommended for people suffering from various skin conditions. Geranium is also believed to treat insomnia and even neurosis states.

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