Rosemary Refreshing and Calming Bath

Due to its healing aroma and properties, rosemary essential oil was Paracelsus’ favorite oil. Paracelsus is the famous Swiss doctor that contributed immensely to understating plant-based medicine in the 16th century.

Paracelsus cherished rosemary essential oil because of its capacities of strengthening the entire body. He believed that this oil can heal even the most delicate organs, such as the liver, the brain and the heart. Furthermore, his beliefs turned out to be right according to recent studies.

rosemary calming bath

Rosemary essential oil bath

For a bath, use 10 drops of rosemary essential oil or a combination of 3 drops of this oil and 3 of lavender essential oil. Bathing is recommended in the morning, seeing that it has revitalizing and energizing powers.

It is also important to mention that the essential oil should not be diluted in water, but it must be mixed with vegetable oil, milk, a baby shampoo or a neutral shower gel.


Rosemary essential oil is beneficial for various daily issues, such as muscular ache, head ache, fatigue, sinusitis and coughing. Being genuinely challenging, it increases the levels of energy and calms the pain. Mentally speaking, rosemary essential oil acts like a cerebral tonic and excellent nervine. It steps up intellectual performances and concentration. Rosemary essential oil is an appropriate remedy for physical tiredness, depression and obliviousness episodes.

Besides the relaxing effect, studies have shown that inhaling rosemary oil aroma or lavender for 5 minute reduces the cortisol level from the saliva – one of the main stress hormones produced by the body in a stressful situation.

Diluted rosemary essential oil is used to reduce head aches and muscular aches (thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties) by massaging the painful area. Rosemary essential oil vapor baths are efficient in decreasing the pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism and dislocations. Rosemary also stimulates the blood flow and helps clotting the wounds and healing at a faster rate.

Rosemary essential oil is beneficial for the skin as well, due to its antiseptic and anti-microbial characteristics. A massage with this oil (diluted in vegetable oil or a body lotion) helps with acne, greasy skin, eczema and dermatitis.


Rosemary essential oil should not be consumed internally. Aromatherapy gurus say that this oil should be avoided by pregnant women, people suffering from arterial hypertension and epilepsy.

This oil can also be used as hair treatment, being included regularly in shampoos and body lotions. Using rosemary essential oil on your hair stimulates follicles, making your hair grow faster and longer, preventing premature hair loss and getting gray hair at the same time.

Even though rosemary might be considered a dull plant, as you can see, it has many health benefits, some of them even quite unexpected.

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