Horsetail Strengthens Bones, Nails and Hair and Rejuvenates the Body

Horsetail is a medicinal plant that has an amazing healing power. It has so many tonic and rejuvenating effects thanks to its rich content of antioxidants and minerals.

horsetail properties

However, the secret ingredient of this plant is silicon, a mineral that is beneficial for your health and beauty. Horsetail is a plant that contains a high quantity of organic silicon, which can be easily assimilated by the body.

Silicon’s properties and benefits

Silicon has such amazing effects because it immediately connects with other minerals and transports them to the peripheral areas of the body, such as the hair, skin and nails. Silicon will instantly nourish these areas.

Moreover, silicon is one of the main ingredients of collagen. For this reason, it’s extremely useful when it comes to wrinkles, dry skin and aging. Silicon is also extremely useful for the health of your hair. It can strengthen it and prevent heavy hair fall due to its property of regulating hormones. You can use some horsetail infusion to rinse your hair after you wash it with your regular shampoo. The same infusion can be used to soak your nails in it. You should know that these local treatments, together with the regular consumption of horsetail tea, can stimulate hair growth and strengthen your nails.

Other benefits offered by horsetail

By consuming horsetail tea daily, you can prevent rheumatic and joint pains. This plant is also extremely useful in increasing bone density and preventing osteoporosis. Moreover, it speeds up the welding of fractures, thanks to the silicon, calcium salts and magnesium it contains.

In this type of case, it’s better to use horsetail powder, 4 teaspoons, 4 times per day. Take the powder 10 minutes before your meals. This treatment is also beneficial when it comes to osteoporosis.

If you’ll use this plant on a regular basis, you’ll notice that your nails and strands will be stronger, your cellulite and stretch marks will be reduced and your dandruff will simply disappear.

What’s more important is that you can also use horsetail to stimulate your weight loss. Use 2 cups of horsetail tea per day to help your weight loss diet.


Keep in mind that there are various types of horsetail plants. Some of them don’t have medicinal properties. For example, Equisetum palustre is a toxic plant. That’s why you should always call on a specialist before harvesting a plant and using it for therapeutic purposes.

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