Everything There Is to Know about Cordyceps

This herb is known throughout Asia as the athlete’s most powerful tonic. It does not contain any steroids and it also has the ability to improve performance and build muscles.

cordyceps benefits

Thousands of years of usage are standing behind it and it has been introduced into the category of adaptogenic superior herbs. It has great effects on the immune system and on the levels of energy in the body. It also has some powerful anti-inflammatory properties and it is a great agent and a rejuvenator in fighting the aging process.

There are 6 qualifications a herb needs in order to be classified as a superior tonic herb:

  • It must have anti-aging capabilities and work in prolonging the life and the youth of the body.
  • It must have actions that promote health.
  • It has to improve the mental state of a person by balancing the emotions and the psychic energy.
  • It should not have any side effects if it is used in normal limitations so that it can be administrated for a longer period of time.
  • It needs to have a pleasant taste so that it can be consumed without an effort and it can be assimilated and digested easily.
  • It needs to contain at least one of the 3 treasures (energy of awareness and consciousness, vitality and regenerative power) and its amounts must be so abundant that it should contribute to its building and maintenance.

Cordyceps is found in the Tibetan Plateau region, including parts of Nepal, China, India, Bhutan and Tibet. It is a medicinal mushroom, the product of a parasitic fungus. It is also one of the most expensive mushrooms in the world and, throughout history, only the nobles were able to use it. In Hong Kong, one pound of cordyceps costs about $1000.

Here are the main benefits that come from using this mushroom:

  • Strengthens the lungs – Its main action of relaxing and opening the airways makes it the perfect remedy in cases of bronchitis, pneumonia and other lung-related conditions. It is also perfect as an expectorant and as a cough suppresser.
  • Boosting immunity – It is a strong adaptogen, so it is able to assist the body in the process of replenishing all the layers of immunity which are located at the bone marrow reserve. It contain beta-glucans and antitumor inhibiting CO-1, along with the compound named cordycepin, which is an immune-regulatory ingredient of this herb. It’s also the ingredient that makes it so special.
  • No fatigue and debility – Lack of energy and fatigue should no longer be your concern. It supports the recovery from adrenal depletion and all the symptoms associated with it.
  • Sexual tonic – It is used for impotence, frigidity and infertility.
  • Liver and diabetes – It can improve the function of the liver and the glucose metabolism, as well.

In a traditional approach, this mushroom is to be taken twice a day, as a tonic, in a serving from 2 to 7 grams, as tea, broth or as an extract.

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