Efficient Natural Method in Treating Poor Blood Circulation

Blood circulation can be accounted to be the key to our health. However, poor blood circulation is a common health condition nowadays. A number of factors precipitate the appearance of this medical problem. These factors include various aspects including bad genetics, obesity issues, unhealthy diets or excessive alcohol drinking. All these factors combined altogether raise the odds of developing bad circulation problems.

poor blood circulation remedy

What causes poor blood circulation

The most common factor that determines the occurrence of this medical condition is undoubtedly the lack of exercise. It is amazing how many hours we can spend glued to our office chairs. After sitting in one position for 8 hours at work, being too tired for anything else, the couch and the TV become the best option to relax. Nevertheless, this should be avoided. Do not let this sedentary lifestyle settle in. During movement, your muscles function like a pump, pushing blood up to your heart and back. Therefore, try including exercises in your daily routine.

Additionally, diabetes is another medical condition that can provoke the development of poor blood circulation, as it causes “hypertension”. Hypertension determines the thickening of the blood vessels, therefore weakening the flexibility of the vascular walls. This way, the effectiveness of the circulation is notably limited, particularly when it comes to the peripheral circulation. This causes the occurrence of other illnesses such as heart attack, thrombosis, strokes.

Cases in which this home remedy should be used

There is a wide range of herbal extracts and tinctures available that can be used in the treatment of different indications of poor blood circulation. However, they are often quite pricey and rarely do they place the exact ingredients on the label, so you cannot be certain of their content.

On that account, I will present to you the recipe of the homemade remedy that can help you treat your circulation disorders and the conditions in which it has proven itself to be efficient. These conditions are: cold hands and feet resulted by ineffective circulation, poor peripheral microcirculation particularly in the legs, affected capillaries especially for smokers, sclerosis, atherosclerosis and damaged blood vessels.

Further uses of this homemade remedy are in cases of: memory issues, drowsiness, heart attacks, strokes, the hindrance of vein thrombosis, the regeneration and healing of blood vessels.


  • 50 g marigold flowers
  • 100 g nettle
  • 100 g John’s wort
  • 100 g Teucrium montanum
  • 1 l 50 % alcohol


Cut down all the plants. Then place them in a clean mason jar or other glass recipient you may have at your disposal. You can either use dried plants or fresh ones. The next step is to add the alcohol. It is important that the herbs are fully sunk in alcohol. Keep that in mind.

You should let it macerate for 21 days. Don’t forget to shake the content occasionally. After straining it, the remedy ought to be kept in a clean and dried glass bottle.

1-2 tablespoons should be consumed twice during the day: at the beginning of your day and at its end. Consequently, your blood circulation condition should be significantly enhanced after having taken the remedy for 1 to 2 weeks. However, if your condition requires it, you can use the remedy for a longer period of time.

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