Cure Stomach Cancer with These 5 Herbs

There are several types of stomach cancer, but the most common is adenocarcinoma. If you have cases in your family history of stomach cancer, then you might also get it one day. Also, if you have an infection with the bacteria named Helicobacter pylori, gastritis, and pernicious anemia or if you are a smoker, then the chances of getting this condition are higher than usual.

herbs for stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is common in men over 40 and it causes pain in the abdomen or the sensation of fullness even after a small meal. Difficulty in swallowing along with excessive belching are also manifestations of the disease. The patient could also experiment loss of appetite and nausea, a sudden weight loss and a poor state of health, on the overall.

Fortunately, nature offers us her best remedies and we are here to present them to you. So, here they are!

  • Garlic – Studies have concluded that the organosulfur compounds it contains will inhibit the development of cancer cells. It also contains antioxidants such as alicin, which will fight off the free radicals that contribute to the development of cancer. To prevent any unpleasant condition approaching you, you can take up to 4 grams of garlic per day.
  • Green tea – It has the ability to cure many cancer forms, including stomach cancer. Loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants, this tea will fight the cancer cells. You can drink up to 3 cups a day. Try not to exceed this amount, as it can be unsafe due to the high amount of caffeine it contains.
  • Ginseng – It has already been used in the traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It has the power to fight some cancer types, by stopping the growth of some tumors due to the high amounts of flavonoids, panaxans and ginsenosides it contains. It might have some side effects such as insomnia, menstrual problems, breast pain, dizziness or headaches.
  • Chaparral – This plant is loaded with antioxidants which will add strength to your immune system and help your body inhibit the development of cancer cells. It should be used as a last attempt, due to the fact that warnings have been issued concerning its usage, as it may damage the liver and kidneys.
  • Astralagus – The root of this plant has been used for medical purposes for a long period of time. It will boost the immune system and stimulate the production of a chemical named interferon, which will fight cancer. It should be taken 3 times a day in a dosage of 250-500 mg or, if you have the tincture, you can take up to 60 drops, also 3 times a day. The great thing about it is that it will not cause any side effects, so it is completely safe to take it.

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