Spinach Juice to Cleanse the Stomach and Intestines – Recipe

Spinach is the most important food for the entire digestive system (stomach, duodenum, small and large intestine) and it has been consumed since ancient times for this purpose. Raw spinach is the best natural way to cleanse and regenerate the digestive tract.

Spinach Juice to Cleanse the Stomach and Intestines – Recipe

Only ½ liters of spinach juice per day can cure the most serious constipations in just a few days. By using synthetic and chemical laxatives, the intestinal tissues and muscles will eventually become inactive. The saline solutions have different effects. The saline solution goes through the intestine and extracts large quantities of acidic and toxic lymph from the lymph fluid.

This liquid must be replaced with organic alkaline solutions to supply the lack of water in the organism and to alkalize the toxins that remain in the intestines, to prevent them from being absorbed in the lymphatic circuits, making the disorder even worse. These methods of cleansing the intestine have short-term successes and won’t help with the regeneration of the weak muscle and nerve tissues.

Spinach Juice – Benefits

On the oher side, the spinach juice will not only help eliminate the stool, but will also heal the entire intestinal tract. Its action is 100% natural and, for this reason, the entire process will take around 6 weeks to 2 months after its usage, depending on how serious the condition is.

It is essential for the intestines to be cleansed at least one time per day, but normally it would be necessary 2 – 3 stools per day. That’s why, during the treatment you must use an efficient laxative and, slowly, you will reduce the dose after the intestines have reached their normal functions.

Spinach also has a miraculous effect for the teeth and gums, as it can prevent the gum infections caused by the lack of nutrients and vitamins that can be found in the spinach and carrot juice. Bleeding gums and tooth pulp degeneration are common diseases in those who consume large quantities of cereals, sugars and other unhealthy items.

The following diseases are also mainly caused by the stool accumulation in the intestine and the lack of certain minerals and vitamins that are found in the spinach and carrots. These diseases are: duodenal ulcer, seizures, pernicious anemia, hypertension, hypotension, nerve degeneration, improper heart functions, adrenal and thyroid deficiency, lack of vigor, vision disorders, nephritis, boils, abscess, rheumatic pain, bleeding tendencies, arthritis, headaches, limbs swelling and migraines.

The high amount of oxalic acid in the spinach is the main cause of its laxative action. So, this is an important product for the proper functioning of the intestines. Consume spinach juice daily for the best effects and benefits. Put the spinach in the juicer to extract the liquid. You can also add carrots for a better taste and effect.

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