Elderflower Cordial with a Pinch of Lemon – A Cure for Kidneys and Edema

Refreshing and perfumed, it’s easy to understand the reason why elderflower juice gained its reputation as the traditional summer beverage. However, beyond the tasting pleasures, this beverage also has a healthy effect on the kidneys and nervous system.

elderflower cordial health benefits

Ingredients needed to prepare elderflower juice:

  • 2 lemons
  • 12 elderflower clusters
  • 300 g of honey
  • 3 l of high-quality water

The preparation process:

The beverage can be prepared using freshly picked elderflowers or dried flowers, but not older than one year.

The clusters need to be soaked in a bowl filled with water and bathed a few times until the dust and maybe insects are completely removed. They are then chopped off and placed in a 5 l jar made of glass.

The two lemons are squeezed and their juice is poured into the jar, along with the water and honey. Start stirring very well until the honey is completely dissolved.

The jar can be covered with a piece of gauze, a plate or a lid and should be left for 3-4 days at the room’s temperature or in a warmer place so it can start fermenting.

After the rightful amount of days has passed, the composition can be tried out to see whether it has a stinging taste due to the fermentation and if it is perfumed enough.

If the composition is ready to be consumed, the next step is to filter it using a piece of gauze and then pour it in bottles and keep it in the fridge.


In order to stimulate the kidney function, eliminate excessive water from the tissues, reduce edema in hands and feet and prevent the formation of sand and stones at the kidneys level, an amount of 4 to 6 cups of elderflower juice should be consumed per day.

For those who are frequently affected by urinary infections that are constantly making a comeback, it is recommended to start a 1- or 2-week diet at every 3 months with this beverage.


Products based on elderflower are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, unless the doctor’s approval is given. Precaution measures must be taken, as well, in the case of people who are following a treatment based on diuretic and laxative medicines.

Some persons may be allergic to elderflower. As a consequence, the process of consuming this beverage will start with small doses to observe if any symptoms such as skin irritations, breathing difficulties or weeping may appear.

People with an increased stomach sensitivity can also suffer adverse reactions such as cramps, diarrhea or nausea. In this case, is also recommended to start with small doses.

In the case of children who are younger than 12, the dose has to be 2-4 times lower than in the case of adults.

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