Why is Mediterranean Diet so Healthy

Mediterranean diet is rich in veggies, fruits, grains, peas and beans. Also, it integrates moderate amounts of chicken and fish and a few pieces of red meat here and there. Consumption of low quantities of red wine can also improve your health according to recent research, and that’s exactly what this diet recommends. Moreover, studies have shown that Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of getting a heart condition, and it also prevents stroke and premature death. The sooner you get started with it, the more health benefits you’ll have.


Why is this diet so healthy?

The obvious answer is that this diet is so healthy because it is based on fruits, veggies and grains. These 3 ingredients are packed with fiber, which helps you control your blood sugar and slows your digestion. At the same time, you are getting all your fats from nuts, olive oil and fish, ingredients known to have anti-inflammatory properties, preventing a possible heart disease and others.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduces the chances of developing obesity
  • Reduces the chances of getting Alzheimer or Parkinson
  • Reduces the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure, conditions for which you will need medication once developed.
  • Reduces the risk of getting cancer and heart conditions, both leading to fatality. In other words, it increases longevity.

How to start with this diet

Your first step is to eliminate all the unhealthy food in your life, beginning with crackers, chips, white rice, white bread and switch to more vegetables, Quinoa, salmon, skim milk, etc.

Then, you will have to base most of your meals on vegetables, whole wheat, olive oil and nuts. You will have to make sure to consume fish at least twice per week. Also, keep in mind that it is better to find fresh fish. Still, if you want to skip the whole cleaning and cooking process, you can buy cans. Remember that old fish that has been staying for too long in refrigerators can present risks of mercury poisoning. Cheese, red meat, yoghurt, eggs and poultry should be consumed in moderate amounts daily or weekly. Red wine should also be consumed in moderation. Finally, your water intake should be large, 8 glasses per day.

Here are a few tips to follow:

  • When you cook something, add olive oil to it, not butter or sunflower oil.
  • Veggies and fruits can be introduced in your daily diet as snacks. Instead of eating a bag of chips, make stocks of these two and eat them whenever you feel like snacking.
  • Switch from white bread to whole grains.
  • Replace one of your fish meals with red meat.
  • Use skim milk (1% or 2%) instead of dairy high in fat.

There were many studies conducted to see the effects of the Mediterranean diet, and all of them indicated that indeed, it can lead to a healthier and happier life. But, besides eating veggies and fruits on a daily basis, make sure to also work out 3 to 5 days per week to enjoy all the health benefits of this diet.

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