Why Eating Raw Cocoa Nibs Is Good for Your Health

You probably have heard by now about the benefits brought to the health by dark chocolate. Antioxidants, minerals, zinc, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, they are all in there.

cocoa nibs health benefits

The main ingredient? Cocoa! However, raw cocoa nibs are even better for your health. They are, basically, the cocoa beans that have been removed from their husks and separated into smaller pieces. Dark chocolate in its purest form. Here is why you should start eating them on a regular basis:

  • They will make your blood thinner – The experts say that cocoa nibs are the equivalent of an aspirin, the classical blood thinner. We all know the dangers of a thick blood, right?
  • They will lower blood pressure – They will relax the walls of the blood vessels while the antioxidants will impede the oxidation of the fat reaching the gut and, finally, entering your arteries.
  • They contain healthy fats – These fats will raise the level of LDL, the good cholesterol, turning down the level of bad cholesterol which can increase the blood pressure and the risk of getting a heart disease.
  • They make you happy – They are loaded with anandamide, a neurotransmitter which gives you a great mental state. So, if you are feeling a bit down, take a few of those and feel happier in a matter of minutes.
  • They make you look younger – This is because of the catechins and the anthocyanins, 2 antioxidants that will prevent the oxidation of the skin cells, hiding aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, not to mention the bags under the eyes.
  • They help you lose weight – Eating cocoa nibs moderately will take off some unwanted extra pounds. The caffeine they contain will speed up the metabolism and they will suppress the appetite, helping you lose some weight and staying fit.
  • They increase the libido – PEA or phenethylamine is a compound contained by the cocoa nibs that will stimulate the sexual desire. The great part is that they are all natural, unlike other sexual libido-boosting supplements.
  • They will balance the mood swings – If you are suffering from PMS, then cocoa nibs is your answer. It will bring balance to your hormonal activity, due to the mood-stabilizing compounds they contain, thus preventing you from endangering your relationships.
  • They will work on your digestive system – They have their origin in plants, so they are great and rich in fibers. These fibers will work at promoting a healthy activity of the bowels. They will also stimulate the multiplication of the good bacteria in the gut, which will keep at bay many illnesses.
  • They prevent skin cancer – Too much sun can damage your skin. Apply an SPF lotion on the areas of the body that are showing to protect your skin. However, you can also have the possibility to nibble some raw cocoa nibs, thus protecting your skin even more from the action of the harmful UV sun rays.

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