Top 10 Most Beneficial Types of Honey

We may know that honey has many healthy benefits that can cure diseases, but we don’t know that in the world exist over 20 types of honey. Each kind of honey comes with its specific benefits. Today, we are going to present you 10 types of honey that can make miracles for you, from beauty recipes to health benefits.

types of honey

Types of honey

Below, we’re going to present you the most important honey types so that you can be more informed when you decide to buy them.

  • Floral honey – as the name says, it is produced from flowers. You can boost your immunity and treat allergies with this type of honey because it is very nutritious. If you have problems regarding allergies, take a teaspoon of honey every morning, for one year, and these problems will disappear.
  • Chestnut honey – With a strong flavor and a distinctive red color, it is one of the healthiest types of honey in the world. It has the effect of an antibiotic and it will help you cure almost any disease that you have. It can treat ulcers, and it helps you stimulate your circulation and food digestion. A tablespoon of this honey taken before you go to sleep will make miracles if you are constipated. It is also better than a toothpaste, as it can clean your teeth right away.
  • Lavender honey – it has a powerful flavor, but it has many health benefits. It helps your body stimulate the amount of calcium in your body. So, if you have problems regarding the calcium in your body, this is the perfect honey for you. It can also help you with the flu and colds.
  • Sunflower honey – With its yellowish color and great flavor, sunflower honey is perfect for people with respiratory problems. It also treats kidney problems and digestive problems. It is highly recommended for those who need more energy.
  • Rosemary honey – It has a strong flavor and a yellowish color. It helps you improve your circulation and it treats vascular problems, digestive problems and rheumatism.
  • Jerusalem Thorn honey – it crystallizes very easily and it has a mild flavor. Your immune system will be stronger if you decide to consume it and it will reduce the bad cholesterol from your body. Impotence can also be treated with the help of this type of honey. You will need to take 30 g of honey before you go to sleep and 40 g during the day.
  • Calluna honey – it is also called “heather honey”. It has a dark yellow color and it is very good for respiratory and urinary tract problems. If you make a combination between heather honey and heather tea, it will release the mucus from your respiratory organs.
  • Linden honey – it is translucent and with a mild taste. It helps you treat respiratory problems and seasonal diseases such as cold or flu. Kidney problems can also be cured with the help of this honey. It is not recommended for people who have heart problems.
  • Buckwheat honey – it has the darkest color from all existent honey types. Those who have anemia can use this honey in order to treat it, by taking one teaspoon of it every day.
  • Manuka honey – it is very rare because it is made from the flowers of the manuka tree, found only in New Zeeland. With its antibacterial effects, this type of honey can treat MRSA and it will strengthen your immunity.

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