Sugar Creates Cancer Cells

We all know that sugar is not the best option when it comes to food. Nutritionists always advise us to pay attention to our diet and cut on the sugar intake. Moreover, in recent year, more and more studies revealed that sugar provokes a lot of damages in our body. Children learn from the school years that they should choose healthier alternatives for sweets, such as fruits.

sugar and cancer cells

But its taste is so good, that many people do not even think to reduce the amount of sugar they ingest daily. Also, sugar is addictive, and this is why many people cannot give up on sugar when their motivation is weak.

Sugar is bad for your teeth, makes you gain weight, overloads your liver leading to fatty liver disease – just as you would consume alcohol in excess – causes insulin resistance and the list of bad effects on your health may continue. But none of these is as bad as the latest discovery of scientific researchers: sugar feeds and creates cancer cells.

Sugar Feeds Cancer Cells

Researchers found out almost a century ago that sugar feeds cancer cells, so there is no news in this statement. Refined sugar is, in fact, fuel for cancer, just like fructose syrup corn.

All of us have some cancer cells in our body, but the immune system is keeping them under control. When you ingest too much sugar, the immune system will no longer be able to fight against their action, so that they will multiply in a dangerous number.

Another aspect that contributes to this is that sugar consumption leads to constantly elevated insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that also has a major role in controlling the growth and multiplication of cancer cells.

Dr. Murray Susser, MD affirms that cancer cells will consume sugar much faster compared to the healthy cells. According to him, they consume it 19 times quicker.

Sugar Creates Cancer Cells

A study published in the 2013-2014 Journal of Clinical Investigation reveals even more concerning facts. This medical study was made in vitro, which means that the researchers could analyze the substances and results in total control. According to this investigation, sugar or a high level of glucose intake triggers the early phase of the creation of cancer cells. On the other hand, as soon as you lower the glucose intake in this phase, the cells are able to come back to their initial status, which means that they are practically reversed into normal cells.

Avoiding Sugar – A Big Challenge for Many

Even though excluding sugar from your diet may seem impossible, you should, at least, reduce its amount. However, many people consider that when giving up on refined sugar they are forced to eliminate anything sweet from their diet. In fact, you can continue to enjoy something sweet, as long as it’s healthy. For example, you can sweeten your cappuccino or other delicious treats with honey. Moreover, consuming fruits is also an excellent alternative to sugar. This way, not only that you will reduce the risk of cancer, but you will also take advantage of many health benefits.

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