Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Nowadays, it’s all about dieting and living healthy. This usually starts at the beginning of the year, when all the “new year, new me” fads start flying around. We promise ourselves that we will go on a diet, workout, become healthier and lose weight. Yay!

reasons you're not losing weight

Sadly, it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of time, energy and money to shed off those few pounds. Nowadays, it is cheaper to live on junk food than on healthy things – which is why we end up quitting our diets midway. Here are some tips for you to tackle your diet so that you won’t enter the quitter’s room!

  • Your diet does not match your lifestyle

If you start your diet by saying “I’m going on a diet,” then it’s clear even to you that you don’t plan on sticking to it. Plus, you may have chosen a strict diet that involves a fair amount of cooking and preparation time – which you may not have. This is why many people quit their diets before they even start.

How to fix: Don’t go on a diet that you can’t follow for the rest of your life. If you can’t fit your diet in your schedule, then it doesn’t matter how effective it might be – you’ll still quit halfway.

  • Your expectations are not realistic

If you want to drop a lot of weight during a short period, you will experience some disappointment when you’ll see the scale is not going down in any way. By setting all these unrealistic expectations, you’re pressuring your body, and you will only need just one slip to send all that hard work back into the dumps.

How to fix: Don’t expect to drop 2o lbs in a month. Not only is it very difficult to achieve, it is also unhealthy. You will get yourself sick by trying to get healthy. Try to find a reasonable and safe weight loss plan that you can actually follow.

  • You are not changing your environment

Many people fail in following through with their diets simply because they keep the temptations around themselves. The junk food and sweets in your fridge, the delicious desserts at that place near your home, or that pub you usually go after work to ‘recharge’ – these are usually what make you slip and slide.

How to fix: Take out the unhealthy foods and replace them with some healthier alternatives. For example, throw out the chips and replace them with some veggie sticks. Stock your fridge with healthy foods so that you won’t be tempted. Also, so as to remove the temptation of junk food stores or restaurants, you might want to try a change in your daily route.

Many people have tried to lose weight and failed. The best thing you can do is to stay strong and visualize your goal. Drink a lot of water, exercise and eat healthy food. Once these good habits settle in your life, you will also notice a change in appearance and weight.

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