Raw Vegetables – The Best Way to Consume Them

Raw vegetables stimulate the metabolism and regenerate the body, brain, nervous system, as well as the hormonal and immunity system. Moreover, they also bring significant benefits to the cells by delivering vital energy. But all of these require them to be consumed slowly and properly chewed in order to let the saliva play its part.


The right way to consume raw vegetables

The optimal daily intake of raw vegetables should represent 30% of the necessary amount of food. Anything above that can cause intestinal problems and start dangerous fermentation processes that can lead to serious complications.

Those with digestive problems are advised to avoid raw vegetables as much as possible after 6 pm.

One excellent way of consuming these foods is by grating them, as it allows the pre-digestion process to be more efficient. The residues and toxins in your stomach and intestines are eliminated with lower energy consumption, considerably stimulating the cleansing process.

How to combine them

You can easily enhance the flavor of raw vegetables by combining them with natural ingredients such as:

  • Cold pressed oils (for example, olive oil)
  • Natural fruit vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Olives
  • Yogurt sauce
  • Fresh herbs such as parsley, green onion leaves or rosemary
  • Cucumbers

They are best consumed unpeeled and chewed well; benefits include a powerful draining effect that helps eliminate the residues  and toxins  in your digestive system.

Recommendation: those with a sensitive stomach should grate the cucumber or at least chew it very well.

  • Carrots

These vegetables help clean your digestive system as they eliminate the most common parasites; they also come with healing effects for cardiovascular diseases and hyperthyroidism.

Recommendation: they can be consumed with almost any other vegetable or cereals, either raw or slightly cooked.

  • Garlic

It has a powerful antibacterial effect, it reduces blood fat, helping both your cardiovascular and hormonal systems regenerate. Garlic slows down the evolution of atherosclerosis; it can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol as well, helping ensure proper blood circulation in the whole body.

Recommendation: consume 1-2 cloves each day, in salads, together with other vegetables, with pasta or with carrot juice. It needs to be finely chopped or pressed in order for it to preserve its beneficial properties.

  • Celery root

Celery root brings a diuretic effect, it stimulates the elimination of residues and toxins (through kidneys, it cleans the digestive system, while also accelerating the healing process in conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis and obesity.

Recommendation: consume either in juice form or as part of salads (it should be grated)

  • Peppers

These delicious vegetables stimulate your immunity system, slow down the aging process and strengthens your skin cells.

Recommendation: use red and yellow peppers for a fresh juice where you can add some herbs as well.

  • Onion

Not many know that the popular vegetable stimulates the bile and digestive glands, it acts against bacteria and pathogens in the intestine and helps detoxify your body.

Recommendation: consume at least a quarter of a regular sized onion each day, finely chopped. Make sure that you chew it well.

As you can see, making the most of the nutritional value found in vegetables is not difficult,  yet the benefits are sure to be felt in the long run.

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