Mushrooms – Cure for Cancer, Anemia and Diabetes

Mushrooms are not only delicious, but they also have numerous miraculous powers. They can protect against various health conditions and diseases and they are rich in antioxidants, antibiotics, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and proteins. These edible fungi have various names and they come in different shapes, textures and colors. Mushrooms contain niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and B vitamins and they are also high in potassium, selenium, copper and ergothioneine. They can help you with a wide array of diseases as you can see below.

Mushrooms – Cure for Cancer, Anemia and Diabetes

Reduces the Cholesterol Levels

Mushrooms contain lean proteins and they are low in carbohydrates. At the same time, they have no fat or cholesterol. These fungi also contain enzymes and fiber that will diminish your cholesterol levels. Furthermore, when your body digests the mushrooms, the lean protein content is going to burn the cholesterol. By doing so, mushrooms can prevent the developing of diseases such as stroke, heart attack and atherosclerosis.

Prevents Prostate and Breast Cancer

Mushrooms contain polysaccharides, compounds that have anti-carcinogenic effects. For example, the linoleic acid can fight against the excess estrogen and its harmful effects that lead to breast cancer. The Beta-Glucans, the other kind of polysaccharides, stops the multiplication of the cancerous cells that cause prostate cancer.

Strengthens the Immune System

These fungi contain an effective antioxidant called ergothioneine. This one combats free radicals and offers a boost for the immune system. This compound can be found only in mushrooms and it is extremely beneficial for the normal functioning of the immune system. Moreover, mushrooms are rich in natural antibiotics that have similar effects to penicillin. Thus, they can inhibit the growth of fungal and microbial infections. Finally, the mushrooms heal the ulcerous wounds and the ulcers and they protect against various infections.

Combats Diabetes

The diabetics can include mushrooms in their diet because they are free of cholesterol and fats. Also, they are rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates and they contain numerous minerals and vitamins. Finally, mushrooms are high in fiber and water and their natural enzymes and insulin will help your organism break down the starch and sugar in the various foods. The compounds in these vegetables will also promote the health of the endocrine glands, pancreas and liver, thus helping your body produce its own insulin. Thanks to their antibiotic properties, mushrooms can also treat the infections and inflammations caused by diabetes.

Treats Anemia

The lack of iron in the blood causes anemia. This condition is characterized by various digestive issues, fatigue, reduced neural functions and headaches. If you’re looking for a natural source of iron, then you should look no further than the beneficial mushrooms. These vegetables contain nutritive iron that is immediately absorbed by your organism, promoting the red blood cells formation. Thus, mushrooms can make anemia a thing of the past.

Strengthens the Bones

Mushrooms contain large amounts of calcium, a mineral and nutrient that, as you know, is essential for the health of your bones. You must consume calcium on a daily basis, so as to prevent osteoporosis and other related conditions. The calcium in mushrooms can also diminish the joint pain.

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  1. Mushrooms …..I love ’em ! ….Chicken and Mushroom pie and chips. ….Brilliant when the wind is blowing and the rain is belting !

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