Lose Weight with These Almost Zero-Calorie Ingredients

If you wish to lose a couple of pounds, you need to opt for foods with low calorie intake. Of course it’s not as simple as that, as some foods make you even hungrier after having eaten them than you were before, as they are low in proteins and nutritive value. Most of the times, this habit leads to eating unhealthy, caloric bombs which end up ruining your diet all the way. And all that effort equals zero! It’s really frustrating, right?

zero calories foods

Well, happily, there’s a solution to your problem! Let’s get acquainted with 15 almost zero-calorie foods, which genuinely help you shape your figure, whilst granting you a feeling of satiety, thus you’ll no longer feel the tempting urge to grab a slice of pizza.

  • Grapefruit – This sour-sweet fruit contains only 39 calories per half, but it actually aims at burning calories! It really is a super-fruit, isn’t it?
  • Arugula – Adding this greenish miracle to your salad is a great idea! It embodies only 4 calories per cup and is loaded with potassium, magnesium and fiber!
  • Cabbage – It’s a great salad ingredient – full of vitamins such as C and B6 and other beneficial nutrients, it also embodies cancer-fighting properties.
  • Cauliflower – is a good source of vitamin C, B6 and dietary fiber. It’s a tempting veggie as it basically encompasses no calories whatsoever!
  • Brussel Sprouts – It’s an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, A, iron and magnesium. Only 38 calories per serving makes it a great ingredient!
  • Lemons – A lemon encompasses only 20 calories. It’s an excellent source of vitamin C – it boosts your immunity and improves your digestion.
  • Lettuce – its low calorie content is one of the perks lettuce embodies. It contains only 5 calories per cup, and is loaded with vitamin A, C, magnesium, iron, calcium. Add this green marvel to your salads and your body will truly benefit from it!
  • Broccoli – 31 calories per cup is something that makes broccoli a tempting ingredient, especially if it’s diet time! Did you know that it’s packed with vitamin C and A, magnesium, iron and calcium? All these are necessary for maintaining your overall health and helping you lose those extra pounds as well!
  • Beets – Opt for this sweet ingredient if you’re planning on losing weight – it contains only 37 calories per ½ serving and is utterly yummy!
  • Kale – Loaded with vitamin A and C, kale is a super-food with only 5 calories per cup!
  • Asparagus – Perhaps you’re not much of an asparagus fan; however, perhaps it’s time you gave it another go – it’s insanely healthy!
  • Coffee – Who doesn’t relish in a hot cup of coffee? I would have to say no one. So, just keep them coming – coffee encompasses cancer-preventing functions and contains zero calories whatsoever!
  • Tomatoes – Sweet and full of favor, a medium-sized tomato embodies only 22 calories. Besides this, it’s packed with vitamins and nutritive functions!
  • Watercress – With only 4 calories per cup, watercress is a great ingredient for everyone to enjoy!
  • Mushrooms – They are filled with nutritive functions and vitamins and offer you a feeling of satiety. So, don’t miss out on including them in your diet to relish their beneficial properties!

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