How Your Meals Influence Your Skin Condition

We all know today that our external aspect is one of the best indicators of how we feel on the inside. And I am not referring here only to your state of mind; your health condition is sometimes very well reflected by your skin. Thus, a conclusion that can be subsequently formulated would say that good care of the skin is automatically linked to a better medical condition. But things are not quite like this.

foods that harm your skin

Although only some decades ago scientists denied that what we eat has anything to do with the condition of our skin, today this thinking is not valid anymore. More and more studies have shown that there are certain foods that, alone or in different combinations, can trigger some health problems: allergies, acne, premature skin aging, various types of irritations and even skin cancer.

Therefore, we can easily observe that there is a strict connection between the foods we consume, the way in which our skin looks, and our general health. And since we know now that each one influences the others, let’s learn how to prevent problems by avoiding the wrong foods.

Foods to avoid for a healthy skin

  • Salt in Excess

Salt is so important for our everyday food, that we sometimes forget that anything in excess loses its benefits and becomes dangerous. And this is exactly what happens with salt. The first effect that we feel in such a case is water retention. This implies swollen skin in different areas; the sensitive skin around the eyes is the first place to notice this effect. Bloating is also common. Salt in excess is even more problematic as we grow older.

  • High-Carb Foods

Do you know all those extremely delicious, mouth-watering, irresistible foods that you could not imagine living without? Yes, I mean sweets, cakes, chips, bread, pasta, soda and the rest. Well, if you want a healthy skin, it is essential to resist the temptation. High carb foods determine a high blood sugar level, which, in turn, determines high sebum production, clogged pores and similar problems. If you experience acne problems, it is essential to exclude these foods from your menu.

  • High-Fat Foods

A high fat content in your foods can lead to chronic inflammation, which can be immediately observed in the dry aspect of the skin, wrinkles and even acne. Contrary to popular belief, not all fats should be avoided. Natural fats like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids can work wonders for your skin and overall health.

  • Too much dairy

This can seem surprising, since dairy products are known for their incredible nutritional value. But many people have observed that excess dairy foods create the proper context for acne. Although there is no study testifying this connection, you can try to avoid them for a certain period. However, don’t forget that dairy products are important for your general health, so you must find a natural replacement for the lost nutrients.

  • Alcohol Excess

Alcohol is well known for leading to an early aging of the skin. And this fact could be probably confirmed by any person who has experienced a hangover; you feel dehydrated, the skin gets drier, and the dull, wrinkled aspect is formed. But there are even more dangerous conditions that could appear (like psoriasis), so it’s important to consume alcoholic beverages only in moderation.

These are only five of the foods that have been associated with various skin problems. However, what you should remember is that everything that is not natural or in excess can’t be good for your health and should, therefore, be avoided.

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